Ponemah v5.50

Available now!

Confidently collect sensor data. Accelerate your results. Make Better Decisions.
All within a regulated environment.



  Virtual Licensing

Never forget your USB dongle again! Ponemah no longer requires a USB dongle to run. Simply enter your key code and let Ponemah do the rest.

  Sample Rate Versatility

Stop the data bloat! Ponemah now supports more than two sample rates so you don’t get stuck over-sampling Temperature data at 50 Hz. Choose sample rates that makes the most sense for your study without wasting hard drive space.

  Improved Protocol Auto-configuration

Still need to update settings to start an acquisition, even after using Auto Configure Protocol to setup Ponemah? Now, define your own Auto Configure Protocol default values to quickly get up and running.

Define your own:

  • Analysis Attributes by species and acquisition interface
  • Enabled Derived Parameters by species
  • Graph Low/High Units and Trace Color
  • Species by Implant Model

  EDF Export

Export your Ponemah waveform data to EDF format. Ponemah data is now more compatible with complementary 3rd party analysis tools for flexibility to analyze your data in ways that work best for you.


  Waterfall Plots

Having difficulty determining whether changes in data output is real or just simply mismarked? Now you can easily confirm treatment-induced waveform morphology changes using Waveform Plots to generate 3D visualizations waveform cycles displayed simultaneous over time.

Create Waterfall Plots using:
  • Individual cycles
  • Averaged cycles using Ponemah Logging rate to average by time or number of cycles
  • Parser Segments to compare selected data segments from treatment
Need to compare different segments of data? Add bookmarks to quickly synchronize back to an area of interest from anywhere in the recording with the originally saved layout. Use your Waterfall Plot visualizations to effectively communicate your findings in posters and presentations.


Ponemah Waterfall Plot

  Noldus MediaRecord 5.0

Now supporting the latest version of Noldus MediaRecorder for synchronized physiologic and video data acquisition.