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Smart Study Inhalation

Turning Innovative Features Into Practical Beneftis Within the Buxco Nose-Only Rodent Inhalation System

Inhalation delivery remains the preferred pre-clinical choice as it provides fast route to the blood stream with minimal side effects. However, the research itself contains several challenges that turns many researchers away from this delivery method. Over the past couple of years, several features have been added to Buxco’s nose-only inhalation system, improving on its flexibility and study optimization tools. In this webinar, UV Shemesh will introduce those features, discuss their practical benefits and applications, and demonstrate how they can simplify inhalation research while gaining important insights and efficiency.

Speaker: UV Shemesh, Senior Product Manager Inhalation and Respiratory, DSI
Date: Thursday, September 28, 2023
Time: 11:00am ET/5:00 pm CET

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An industry first: User-defined, automated subject-specific aerosol delivery.
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