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Infectious Disease Research: A Holistic Approach to Physiologic Data Collection and Model Development

In this webinar scheduled for May 27th, Dr. Anna Honko, Research Associate Professor, Microbiology at Boston University School of Medicine, provides a past-perspective overview of infectious disease research using telemetry as well as a preview of upcoming SARS-CoV-2 based approaches. Dr. Honko explores the need to maximize endpoints collected in non-human primates to draw better conclusions while supporting the Animal Rule and trigger-to-treat studies.   

Dr. Doug Reed, Associate Professor of Immunology at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research, provides examples using a multi-species approach to study COVID-19. In addition, Dr. Reed highlights post-exposure data analysis methods for telemetry and plethysmography to support translational research.

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On-Demand Webinars

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Title: Measuring EEG in vivo for Preclinical Evaluation of Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Title: Don’t Miss a Beat: Understanding Continuous, Real Time Physiologic Monitoring

Original broadcast date: Thursday, October 2, 2014

Presenters; Anna Honko, PhD, Steve Fox, Dusty Sarazan, DVM PhD