Scientific Applications Team Biographies

Meet the Scientific Applications Team

The Scientific Application team is a small group of former research scientists. This group works closely with a number of departments at DSI to assist in achieving a higher level of application knowledge and confidence in DSI solutions. Likewise, the team works with scientists to better understand the research environment, its approaches, and challenges. Working with key opinion leaders, this team is available to refine and suggest new application approaches, study design, and cross-discipline initiatives. In an ever-changing industry, DSI believes that science should be the primary driver for the development of new products, services, and solutions. Collaboration that benefits research interests globally is a primary objective. Often representing DSI at scientific meetings, individual face-to-face meetings at research facilities are taking place as well. Be on the lookout, as your local Sales Representative may have an opportunity to introduce you to a member of this team. 

Mike Girand, Manager, Scientific Applications, MBA, BS. 

Since joining DSI in 2007, responsibilities have included product management, technical and application support, and sales. Prior to DSI, Mike was a Research Scientist and Study Director at Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis and Pfizer in Ann Arbor, MI for 12 years. While there, he had the opportunity to work in a variety of departments including Cardiovascular Pharmacology, General Toxicology, and Safety Pharmacology. In 1992, Mike received his undergraduate degree in Zoology at Michigan State University and in 2005 completed his MBA at the University of Phoenix. His areas of interest include respiratory and cardiovascular hardwired applications.

Mike is an active member of two sub-committees in the Safety Pharmaoclogy Society. He is also a member of both the American Thoracic Society and the Michigan Thoracic Society. 


Bradley Main, Research Fellow, MS, BS. 

Bradley received his Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University majoring in Zoology with minors in Animal Science and Chemistry.  He earned his MS from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. Twenty-five years at Eli Lilly have resulted in a tremendous amount of research experience; including hypertension, blood coagulation models, and safety assessment. He served on multiple drug development teams and was both a Study Director and Toxicology Project Leader. In 2008, Bradley joined Covance and led the cardiovascular telemetry group. He joined DSI in 2011 to help launch DSI’s Scientific Services group and is now a member of the Scientific Application Team, acting as the ‘scientific voice’ for DSI. 

Bradley is a member of the Safety Pharmacology Society, a full member of the American College of Toxicology, a member of American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and a member of the American Heart Association.  He serves as a member of several ILSI/HESI working groups related to cardiovascular science.


Stefano Gaburro, Account Manger & Application Scientist, PhD.

Stefano joined DSI in 2012 as account manager for Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. Since 2016, he has received an adjunct position as an Application Scientist with the scope to refine approaches for a best use of DSI solutions. Prior to joining DSI, Stefano has performed 8 years of academic work in the field of neuropsychopharmacology. In that period, he developed several animal models of psychiatric disorders in conjunction with the characterization of physiological biomarkers (e.g. Heart Rate Variability) for a better description of the models.

His main interests are behavioral models, neural activity and the cardiovascular system.

Stefano is an active member of the American Physiological Society- CNS Committee Steering Section. Stefano has served as reviewer for PlosOne, British Journal of Pharmacology and Genes Brain and Behavior.