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All New SmartStudy: Subject-Specific targeted dosing

Introducing SmartStudy for the Buxco Inhalation System -- a long-sought after technology for improving precision in inhalation research.

Now you can automatically stop delivery of aerosol to single or multiple-dosage groups when they reach their targeted dose. The user defines inhalation exposure targets based on dose amount or time.

Once a subject reaches its targeted dose, inhalation tower port adaptors automatically shut off the flow of compound, and then provide fresh air, allowing the test subject to remain on the tower while other subjects continue to receive dosing.



Know the Delivered Dose in your Next Inhalation Study

FinePointe now integrates each breathe with the digitally measured live aerosol concentration. By doing so, the researcher is presented with an unprecedented real-time parameter called Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol (AIA), only available with the DSI Buxco Inhalation System. 

This parameter represents the total amount of aerosol the animal has breathed in, and is available for each respiratory monitored animal. By utilizing this new feature, researchers have a more complete picture of the delivered dose (DD) yielding better data and more accurate dose/effect relationship.

Click here to learn more about all of the FinePointe software features

E-Cigarette, Vaping and Tobacco Generator pictured with automated push button add-on for manual e-liquid batteries

The All New Vape and Smoke Generator!

The latest state-of-the-art smoke generator combines all the necessary research requirements to support E-cigarettes, Vaping liquids and/or Tobacco (EVT). The generator is able to create reproducible, ISO conforming protocols in three smoke stations that can work together or independently of each other, allowing the user to run multiple, comparative studies at the same time. This reduces variability, while increasing productivity. 

Hassle Free Cleaning

The EVT Generator uses disposable, patent-pending smoke Bellows, which acts as a buffer between the cigarette and puffing mechanism, making cleaning and system maintenance easy.

FinePointe Whole Body Plethysmography

DSI's Buxco FinePointe Series WBP sites monitor the respiration of conscious, unrestrained animals. The animal is placed a chamber and allowed to breathe naturally, unrestrained and untethered. The system measures the tiny air flow which is exchanged in and out of the entire chamber due to the animal's respiration (called box flow). By applying Boyle's Law, the box flow can be correlated to the animal's respiratory flow. 

Features of the DSI Buxco WBP System:

  • Single-click calibration automation   
  • Bias Flow, Digital Preamp, and Aerosol/Gas Delivery System all in a single integrated small footprint controller
  • Our chambers utilize a patented pneumotach (Halcyon) specifically designed to reduce ambient interference, which is especially crucial with Whole-Body Plethysmography where noise is amplified x10
  • Digital Temperature/Humidity probes that require no calibration other than the usual automated chamber calibration     

Mouse 4 site WBP 020

4 site WBP Solution

WBP Rat with T&H and Telemetry_1

Rat WBP standard chamber with our wireless EEG/EMG telemetry collection set-up

Induce and Monitor Sleep Apnea

DSI’s Buxco research solutions measure various respiratory endpoints and enable apnea detection within the software platform. Whole body plethysmography (WBP) is the most commonly used solution for obstructive and central sleep apnea research, as it allows the animal to roam freely and sleep naturally. Researchers are able to induce hypoxia and incorporate third party gas analyzers, detect and count apneas, as well as integrate other physiologic collection methods, such as hardwired or wireless EEG/EMG, to assess and correlate sleep parameters with apneic episodes. 

4 Station RCv2

Don't Be Limited! Measure Resistance and Compliance in Asthma Studies from multiple subjecs simultaneously with one computer using our FinePointe RC Solution

Acute and Chronic Research Tools for Your Next Asthma Study 

DSI’s Buxco research solutions are used to help advance asthma research by providing researchers with a variety of tools and techniques to gain a deeper understanding of asthma causes and treatment options.

From asthma induction, to disease and treatment assessment, we have the tools to assist in all areas of your next asthma study. Collect primary endpoints of interest, including respiratory rate, peak flows, and resistance. All of these endpoints are contributors to determining levels of bronchoconstriction.

Asthma articles citing DSI & Buxco in Google Scholar

Want to learn more about recent advancements in asthma research?
Visit our PhysioBlog to learn more about what researchers are doing to achieve their goals. 

Implantable and External Telemetry for
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Research

DSI’s telemetry platform allows researchers to measure unstressed physiological endpoints for a more complete picture of whole body responses. Continuously collect endpoints such as ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, left ventricular pressure, pulmonary arterial pressure, respiratory rate, respiratory impedance, pleural pressure, diaphragmatic EMG, and more!

Telemetry is the gold standard technique in whole body preclinical research to monitor baseline physiology with absolute or relative changes. It provides researchers with the most valuable data achievable in acute or chronic studies. Better data comes from monitoring animals in their home cages with little to no handling, decreasing stress response and leading to more reliable data.



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DSI can help you streamline your studies by providing expertise you can trust. Our Scientific Services teams can help you make better informed decisions by helping you achieve greater implanted telemetry success, summarize data for confidence in your results, and execute reliable preclinical in vivo studies.

Managing large amounts of physiologic data can be time consuming and overwhelming. No matter how complex your research is, we have the tools and expertise to help you successfully reach conclusions

Experience higher surgical success rates with our flexible menu of surgical options. We believe experience matters and we are here to ensure your surgical procedures are successful.

Improve research outcomes by partnering with DSI to execute preclinical studies with implantable telemetry. The experienced services team alleviates space, time, training, technology and labor challenges associated with successful study execution.




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