Improve the precision of your ECG analysis in less time.





ECG Pattern Recognition

As you assess your ECG signal for endpoints beyond heart rate, an analysis module that more precisely locates P, Q, S, and Ts becomes paramount for accurate interval calculations. DSI’s ECG PRO improves the precision of ECG analysis in less time with template-based, pattern recognition analysis. ECG PRO uses researcher selected cardiac cycles as templates for precise comparison against other cycles in the dataset to augment cycle marks based on the template.

Succeed with ECG PRO

Full Control

With so many variables including ECG collection methodologies, various species and genetic models, and the research subject’s constantly change physical position, you need the flexibility to make decisions on how you analyze your data. ECG PRO allows you to take full control of your ECG analysis for the most accurate results.

  • Add representative template cycles based on your data
  • Place cycle marks (i.e. end of T) based on your expertise
  • Define the cycle regions based on your desired end-points
  • Execute template analysis to augment the placement of waveform cycle marks based on your defined match percentage; i.e., consider the cycle a match if the cycle region pattern matches the 85% of the template cycle region


Ultimate Speed

Whether working with large animals or mice, the number of cardiac cycles adds up fast! With every added cycle, processing time goes up. ECG PRO provides flexible tools to keep processing time to a minimum.

  • Save processing time by only analyzing unmatched waveform cycles
  • Reduce analysis time by focusing analysis on the cycle region with greatest impact to your study; i.e. interested in QT prolongation, only analyze the Q wave and T wave regions
  • Quickly skip over noisy or non-physiologic data sections when used in conjunction with Ponemah's standard ECG analysis module whose built in noise detection automatically eliminates these areas


Complete Confidence

With large datasets, it's easy to get lost in the analysis. Questions like, "Has this cycle been analyzed?" or "Am I almost done?" are commonplace. With ECG PRO, always know where you are with your analysis progress. 

  • Easily identify matched cycles with graphic indicators and numeric match percent values
  • Plot trend graphs of match percentages to illuminate problem areas
  • Quickly view the % of waveform cycles matched based on your template library; i.e., 70% of the cycles in my waveform are matched
  • Understand which template cycles are key to your analysis success with breakdown of % match by template cycle




How it Works



(Displayed above)

  1. Execute Ponemah standard ECG analysis for accurate cycle identification and augment desired cycle marks to appropriate location
  2. Create an ECG PRO Template Library and add a template cycle to the library 
  3. Execute Template analysis to compare your template against all identified cycles based on you desired cycle region(s) match percentage




(Displayed above)

  1. Review your match results
  2. Locate unmatched cycles using % Match output
  3. Repeat step 3-5 until you achieve matches >70% of waveform cycles 
    (Depending on acquisition method and analysis coverage comfort)




Accelerate Your ECG PRO Analysis with Data Insights

Don't waste time stepping through each unmatched ECG cycle. Reduce the labor involved in your ECG analysis by letting Data Insights pinpoint high-values template cycles representative of the different morphology patterns in your data and deliver those results directly to you for quick assessment and confident decisions. Then use ECG PRO to augment cycle mark placement for improved results accuracy.


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Data Insight for ECG PRO
Example ECG PRO library (top right) with two template cycles matching Twave to user-defined 85% and resulting Data Insights (left) match results for all cycles at <70% match, with associated match cycle in waveform context (bottom right).