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Multiple Lead Electrocardiogram Analysis Module:
ECG Pattern Recognition Option

With ECG PRO, researchers have even more ECG analysis options. Greatly reduce processing time via Ponemah ECG PRO template-based analysis as it allows the selection of a template cardiac cycle which is used for precise comparison to other cycles in the dataset. The ECG PRO complements Ponemah’s Standard ECG Analysis for dog, rat and monkey ECG analysis giving the researcher the option to include or exclude the Standard ECG Analysis parameters.

DSI offers a fully integrated solution from hardware to reporting. Others offer software but ECG PRO is designed to work tightly with a comprehensive set of software and hardware which includes telemetry and hardwired sensors. Other reasons to choose ECG PRO include:

  • With ECG PRO, researchers can take advantage of the speed and flexibility of analyzing regions of an ECG complex individually or in combination with other regions.
  • Save time because ECG PRO users have the ability to reanalyze only those cycles that did not match the previous round of analysis. Competing software requires the user to reanalyze the entire data set when they add a new template.
  • The ECG PRO feature is complemented by a Noise Detection enhancement to the standard ECG analysis. The Noise Detection feature provides a user defined threshold for the determination of "Bad" or "Noisy" data. When the level set by the user is exceeded, the data will be interpreted as noise and Bad Data Marks will be inserted to remove the section of data from analysis.

More Reasons to Choose ECG PRO

  • You'll be confident in your results. Get the % match to easily know how well the templates analyzed the data set. ECG PRO provides an overall % match of cycles that matched to templates and it also gives them the % match to a specific template cycle.
  • Mix and match regions of interest with multiple templates for verification. For example, users can choose to analyze on T regions or S regions (Q and P as well). This can be done from one template cycle or have a match to one of these regions using any template in the library. Meaning that T, Q, P or S could all match one cycle or P could match one template and T could match another.
  • User-defined metrics for analyzing the complexes. Others give a qualitative match like "good", "better" or "best". We allow the customer to specify a match by percentage (ie, 85% match of a an entire cycle or region).
  • Easily identify outliers with templates. ECG PRO provides derived output (calculated values in the spreadsheet) that lets you know if we have matched a cycle (% Match) as well as how well, %, that we matched the regions (P, Q, S, and T). You can also click on the numerical values and synchronize with that specific complex.