NeuroScore v3.0 New Features

Batch Processing Module

  • Automate analysis processes on multiple recordings at once using batch processing.
  • Workflows can be built to score multiple recordings, calculate and export parameter data, convert file types, and generate and export reports.

Rodent Sleep Scoring Module

  • Includes new detector which is approximately 80% faster than the original.
  • Allows for greater control of detector settings for more accurate results.
  • This new detector includes a Visual Tuning tool to quickly configure and save analysis protocols.

Core Enhancements

Data Loading
  • Improved data loading and rendering time provide greater efficiencies in opening and displaying a recording.
  • Add placeholders within the recording to quickly synchronize back to an area of interest from anywhere in the recording with the originally saved layout.
  • Add notes to Bookmarks and include them within reports to provide screenshots to support results.
Marker List
  • Provides quick, easy access to all markers and associated details (start time, duration, and associated signal) through a task window
  • Synchronize signal sheets from the marker list to quickly view the marker of interest and update the marker from the list.
  • Markers List dynamically updates to display only those markers within the currently selected period.
  • Add Locations to dynamically monitor folders for changes and automatically load new recordings into the Recording Library for easy access.
  • Manage recording files from within NeuroScore to reduce missing files upon data transfer. Recordings moved between NeuroScore Locations will move the recordings’ files between hard drive folders associated with the Locations. Deleting files from a location will move the files to the recycling bin.
Interpretation Notes
  • Add Interpretation Notes to quickly record result interpretations to support analysis observations.
  • Insert variable fields to dynamically insert calculated parameter data or animal/recording information.
  • Interpretation Notes can be inserted into NeuroScore reports.
Custom Fields
  • Entered Custom Fields into Recording Properties to track information NeuroScore does not track by default.
  • Custom Fields can be defined to any Recording Property tab and inserted as text lines, numbers, paragraphs, dropdown menus, and/or multiple choice options.