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Inhalation Enhancements

Accumulated Dose

Leveraging the popular Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol (AIA) feature, FinePointe now has an Accumulated Dose (AD) parameter. Based on various experiment conditions and user expertise, a deposition fraction is established and the amount of material retained in the lung is now reported in real time along with AIA.

Target AIA

FinePointe will now regulate the exposure system until all monitored subjects have reached their targeted value. This critical feature significantly eases the user experience as well as required technical skills and ensures all subjects achieve a minimum, user-specified, compound dosage.

Dual Parameter Time-Course Report

Create a time course report with two parameters and two unique Y-axis scales, typically used to compare compound dosage with a respiratory response and an important relationship report can now be generated automatically.

Gravimetric Correction

If discrepancies exist between empirical and digital readings, FinePointe will automatically factor and utilize proper correction for AIA measurements. In addition, you can associate the calculated factoring with a specific study, reducing the need to repeat in-vitro exposures. Utilizing the gravimetric correction improves the accuracy of real-time subject breathing zone aerosol concentration, which in turn, enhances the core targeted dosing system feature.

Target AIA in FinePointe 2.9
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Dual Parameter Time-Course Report
FinePointe v2.9 Dual Parameter Time-Course Report_HR
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Respiratory Enhancements 


FinePointe now enables you to perform metabolism studies, using the ADI Gas Analyzer. By combining respiratory gasses with ventilation data acquired within the WBP platform, you can obtain VO2, VCO2, RER, MR and RQ endpoints for multiple subjects in an automated manner.

Cough Center

Compare existing cough analysis or seeking simpler cough and breath spike counting with a simple counter to run in parallel during acquisition. Specify a minimum and maximum threshold, and FinePointe will count each event that includes a peak falling above the minimum and below the max.


Add live video feed to accompany FinePointe respiratory signals and analysis. Up to 8 unique cameras can be associated with 8 sites of WBP, Inhalation Tower, and Non-Invasive Airway Mechanics (NAM). Interfacing with Panlab’s Record-It software, video can be viewed in real-time or as playback in FinePointe Review.

Bias Flow Alarms

FinePointe v2.9 includes a critical safety feature to alert you when bias flow conditions within the chamber are outside of user specified error band. This updated alarm setting now monitors for potentially catastrophic events, such as disconnected tubing. By monitoring bias flow on the box flow signal (chamber), any event effecting fresh air supply to the animal is observed and instantly reported.

Metabolism Parameters
Metabolism Parameters in Graph

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WBP Alarm Illustration