Advanced Basic DC 32 Signal Conditioner

The Advanced Basic DC 32 signal conditioner allows sampling of up to 32 sources at one time from just one module. Utilizing the input terminal box (J03480), connections can be made to the signal conditioner by simple BNC connections allowing for quick input changes.

ABDC32 and input terminal box LR


# Channels                         32 Single-ended or 16 differential
Type of Coupling   DC
Resolution   16 Bits
Maximum Rate   250K Samples / second aggregate
Digitizer   Multiplexed
Signal Input    
Input Impedance   100kΩ to each input
Input Range   + 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 20V Full Scale
    0 - 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 20V Full Scale
Maximum Input
(Max without damage)
  + 50V DC, AC Peak

Analog Bandwidth   DC-10 kHz
Accuracy Specifications    
Gain Accuracy, % of FS   <0.7%
Offset Accuracy, % of FS   <0.5%
Linearity, % of FS   <0.2%
Noise, p-p   <0.5%
Common Mode Voltage   +20V
Common Mode Rejection   ≥-80 dB
Crosstalk (60Hz)   <60 dB



Part Number   Description
13-7715-02                         Basic 32 Signal Conditioner
J03480   Input terminal box, 37-pin to BNCs for Basic 32
J02936   Cable Set BNC to BNC 1-8
J02937   Cable Set BNC to BNC 9-16
J03087   Cable Set BNC to BNC 17-24
J03088   Cable Set BNC to BNC 25-32
Specifications are current at publication.
Due to DSI’s continuing product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.