Signal Interface

Achieve your study's full potential.

Seamlessly integrate non-telemetric analog or digital signals from your laboratory tools for synchronized data collection with DSI implantable telemetry.




Imagine the Research Possibilities

Access the full potential of your data by creating an integrative, comprehensive study when combining telemetry with the following applications:

Voluntary and Forced Exercise

Exercise is used in research to evaluate beneficial effects of sports and/or movement on health, behavior, and physiological responses. For rodents, such activity can be measured by placing a running wheel in the cage or by using a treadmill. Combining an exercise apparatus with telemetry permits physiologic assessment under stress-induced conditions.


Fear and Operant Conditioning

Fear and operant conditioning studies are used in research to evaluate cognitive function during a state of stress. Enhanced these studies by integrating DSI telemetry to gain a better understanding of the full cardiovascular response through observation of stress-induced cardiovascular changes in real-time.


Event-Related Potential

An event-related potential (ERP) is the measured brain response that is the direct result of a specific sensory, cognitive, or motor stimuli. Combining a stimulus apparatus with telemetry permits the time synchronized recording of stimulus occurrence with the EEG data. Physiologic data immediately following the stimuli may then be analyzed for time to peak and peak amplitudes.


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Software compatibility Ponemah v6.50
Windows 10, 64-bit
Outputs USB 3.0 to MX2 (Requires MX2 with USB Port)
Analog Inputs 4, Single-ended channels, BNC connectors
12-bit resolution
±5V input voltage range
200Hz bandwidth
1000Hz max sampling rate (user selectable)
Digital Inputs 8 channels via 1, 25-pin D-connector
0-5V, TTL
100Hz fixed sampling rate
Signal Synchronization ±10ms max, ±4ms average
Power  Power over MX2

Please see the Ponemah Version Matrix for specific version compatibility.


Signal Interface