HD-S21 Dual-Pressure, Single Biopotential Implant

Remarkably Sensitive Device Enables New Research Possibilities

Detect Very Subtle Pressure Changes in Small Animals
DSI now offers a dual pressure implant for the precise measurement of various physiologic signal combinations such as:

  • Left ventricular pressure + blood pressure (BP)
  • Pulmonary artery pressure + BP
  • Right ventricular pressure + BP
  • Pleural pressure + BP
  • Bladder pressure

Scientists seeking greater parameter accuracy (e.g. dP/dt) will find the HD-S21 to be ideal for high-fidelity applications.
Other Important HD-S21 Benefits:

  • New catheter design offers precise detection of key pressure signal attributes
  • Excellent pressure channel stability
  • In addition to pressure, collect a biopotential,
  • temperature and activity data!

Get More Information Earlier with Less
A more complete physiologic assessment from a single animal is possible with the

  • Reduced inter-animal variability
  • Reduced cost (labor, compound, housing)
  • Early risk assessment
  • Integrate with additional parameters (metabolic, renal)

Eliminate variability associated with collecting a single pressure from two separate animal groups (chronically or acutely), all from conscious,
freely-moving animals.