Pressure and biopotential telemetry implant

HD-S11: Single Pressure, Single Biopotential Implant - Available in Two Frequencies!

Designed for small animals, the HD-S11 has one catheter for measuring pressure and one biopotential lead for measuring ECG, EEG, or EMG signals. Temperature and activity are also simultaneously recorded. The addition of a second frequency allows researchers to collect endpoints from two small animals housed together. The secondary frequency also enables two implants to be used in the same subject, enabling more endpoints per subject. The HD-S11 is ideal for the following study types:

  • Behavioral studies
  • Chronic stress exposure
  • Comparison of drug effects in single vs. pair-housed animals
  • Acute stress response

DSI’s PhysioTel HD implants allow researchers to focus on
what matters — research.

Enhance data security with Animal ID
• Have confidence that the data collected is from the intended animal.

Reduce study setup time with Auto-Calibration
• Save time with auto-calibration and eliminate human error during
manual entry of offsets.

Maximize battery life with Battery On-Time Counter
• Dynamic battery life updates to assist with efficient study planning
and re-use of implants.

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