HD-S10: Single Pressure, Temperature and Activity

The HD-S10 enables researchers to continuously collect multiple physiologic parameters from small animals.  Endpoints that can be measured with the HD-S10 are pressure, temperature and activity. 

DSI’s PhysioTel HD implants allow researchers to focus on
what matters — research.

Enhance data security with Animal ID
• Have confidence that the data collected is from the intended animal.

Reduce study setup time with Auto-Calibration
• Save time with auto-calibration and eliminate human error during
manual entry of offsets.

Maximize battery life with Battery On-Time Counter
• Dynamic battery life updates to assist with efficient study planning
and re-use of implants. 

Feedback from HD-S10 customers:

“Fantastic features. Less work on the user end. Being able to see the info (battery life) in real-time is always a plus. Less potential for transcription errors with auto-calibration factors.”

“Smaller [implant size] is always better for the animals.”