Dual Pressure Transmitter for Large Animals

The dual pressure capable D70-PCTP transmitter is a versatile option for researchers with a need to monitor several physiologic parameters in large animals.  In addition to being able to monitor activity, temperature and a biopotential, the D70-PCTP contains two pressure catheters that can be used in a variety of combinations to measure parameters such as systemic pressure, left ventricular pressure (LV pressure) and intra-pleural pressure.

The D70-PCTP is typically used in Safety Pharmacology studies to address core battery requirements in cardiovascular (CV) and respiratory applications.  Core CV measurements include systemic pressure and ECG and includes LV pressure as a secondary measurement.  For respiratory studies the second pressure channel is used to monitor intra-pleural pressure to provide a measure of respiration rate.

In addition to providing the physiologic parameters from the transmitter, DSI provides detailed analysis for blood pressure and left ventricular pressure via our Ponemah Analysis Modules.

PhysioTel® Transmitter Specifications