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European Aerosol Conference 2019

  • Dates: 25 – 30 Aug, 2019
  • Location: The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre
  • Address: Mässans Gata/Korsvägen, 412 94 Göteborg, Sweden
  • Email: sales@datasci.com
  • Website: https://eac2019.se/
  • Phone: +1 651-481-7414

Join colleagues from all areas of aerosol science at EAC2019. Take the opportunity to challenge your brain, create a new networks, and maintain existing relations. EAC2019 will feature five main themes corresponding to the EAA working groups, in addition to selected special topics

The EAC conferences are traditional meeting places and an exciting discussion forum for scientists from around the world working with basic aerosol research, development of aerosol techniques or applying one of its several techniques in a rich variety of scientific topics. The topics include nanotechnology, combustion aerosols, chemistry and physics of aerosols, medicine (inhalation, exposure and health), instrumentation, as well as indoor and ambient aerosols. EAC2019 presents an opportunity to learn more about the latest in theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of aerosol science. Discuss with people from all over the world, to share your work and to learn from others.

Where are we located?
Stop by the DSI booth #29 to learn how our automated inhalation solutions can advance your research. 

Who's Attending?
Stephan Martin - Senior Account Manager
Marco Boscaro - Account Manager
Thomas Penning - Sales Manager, EMEA

Why DSI's Buxco Inhalation and Exposure Systems?

  • Over 30 years of experience in the preclinical research market.
  • Acquire data from conscious laboratory animals.
  • Various sizes to support a range of research models (from mice to guinea pigs)
  • In-house quality and development expertise.
  • FinePointe systems set new standards for ease of operation. Each collection site includes a console that provides you with real time data collection status and real time data collection control.
  • Instant reports.
  • Flexible data handling
  • Flow-past design uses inner and outer cores to eliminate rebreathing reducing C02 levels
  • Flow-past design also improves port-to-port uniformity
  • Stainless steel construction (corrosion resistant, ultra-smooth finish)
  • Scalable: stackable tower design for 1 to 6 levels, up to 42 subjects
  • Easy to disassemble and clean for quick turnaround between experiments
  • Knowledgeable and responsive global support team that will ensure you have full confidence with your system and acquiring the data you need for your studies. 

Inhalation Products

FinePointe Software is powerful and easy-to-use for collecting, analyzing, and reporting life science data. Fully network-enabled, the smart design minimizes required user interaction while wizards walk users through necessary procedures.

Accumulated Inhalaed Aersol 
DSI continues to push the envelope in innovation and we are excited to share the new FinePointe platform feature, accumulated inhaled aerosol (AIA). AIA allows researchers to target a specific deposition and cease exposure to individual subjects when they've reached the target. Visit us at booth #29 to learn more about how the AIA feature can offer you a more controlled exposure study in conscious subjects.

FinePointe Website_Circle Image

Inhalation Products Designed by Respiratory Experts

 Stackable Inhalation Tower
The DSI Buxco inhalation exposure system is designed with the ease-of-use desired by researchers new to inhalation exposure, yet providing the performance and flexibility required by the inhalation exposure expert. Unique to DSI is the ability to perform accurate real-time respiration monitoring during exposure, critical for animal welfare and determining accurate deposition levels. With a high degree of port-to-port uniformity, this high efficiency system provides exceptional protocol repeatability, translating into high yield exposure studies. The inhalation tower utilizes an expandable yet compact, “flow-past” design, eliminating rebreathing concerns. Supported species include mice, rats, guinea pigs and ferrets. A stackable tower design for 1 to 6 levels and up to 42 subjects. 
tower-and-laptop         inhalation-tower-system

Single Subject Inhalation Exposure
DSI’s Buxco Single Site Exposure Station 
is a single port nose-only exposure device.

Smoke Generator
DSI’s Buxco Smoke Generator 
is completely automated and requires no on-site operator. Simply load the cigarettes, press “Start,” and the system will run unattended. It captures direct and indirect smoke and delivers it to mass dosing chambers or individual exposure tubes. 



About DSI Events

Data Sciences International (DSI) is involved in over 60 events every year. These include scientific meetings such as industry trade shows, courses and seminars, workshops, as well as educational user groups and symposia all over the world.

DSI supported educational events are scientific meetings organized in cooperation with a local institution or society, pharmaceutical company, university, or local telemetry user group. Educational event meetings serve as an educational forum in which researchers can freely share current scientific information with their peers, students, and other interested scientists.

Common to the general theme of the meetings is the data collected through physiological monitoring of freely moving conscious laboratory animals made possible through the use of fully implantable telemetry technology.

Presentations and posters on the latest methods employed by the presenting researchers enable those attending to benefit from the as yet unpublished work of peers. Presentations can be on a wide range of related research topics including surgical implantation methods, data analysis methods, treatment effects of new pharmaceutical compounds, new animal models, behavioral and physiological interactions, basic research on physiological systems, and numerous other whole animal chronic monitoring research topics.

Meetings are held in classroom style with ample time allowed for questions and discussion among the participants. Typical audience sizes run from 40 to 120.