Continuous Glucose Research Award

In late 2015 DSI, PreClinOmics, and Research Diets established a Continuous Glucose Research Award to promote the scientific benefits that continuous glucose telemetry, ZDSD animal models and standardized diets offer researchers in their preclinical studies.

The intent of the award was to recognize a scientist or junior faculty member pursuing in vivo physiological research focusing on diabetes or other metabolic diseases.

The award recipients were provided a 6-month 4-animal trial telemetry system complete with implantable glucose devices, (provided by DSI); up to 8 ZDSD rats to be used in the study (provided by PCO); and diet for the laboratory animals (type of diet is dependent on study; provided by Research Diets). 

The winners of this award were Dr. James Bowe of King’s College London and Dr. Stevan Tofovic of the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. James Bowe of King's College London.

Dr. Stevan Tofovic from the University of Pittsburgh.