Infusion Solutions

Until recently, tethered infusion was the most commonly employed technique in laboratory animals and primarily with rats. But technological advancements made in recent years, offer systems that combine smart, networked pumps with centralized control and monitoring software to automate this process.
DSI has partnered with PrimeTech Corporation to provide customers with the iPRECIO® implantable, programmable and refillable infusion pump. This device can be completely implanted in small laboratory animals subcutaneously. Thus, the animal moves freely without any restrain (i.e. tethering) during drug infusion. Additionally, infection risk is reduced, and the animal is likely to be significantly less stressed than in a tethered infusion model.

The iPRECIO® implantable infusion pump uses a patented, microprocessor controlled peristalsis mechanism for accurate controlled flow. It is the only implantable and programmable pump for small laboratory animals. iPRECIO® can infuse fluids continuously for as long as six months and it can be refilled via a percutaneously accessible port.

Combine Drug Infusion and Telemetry Signal Measurement

iPRECIO® infusion pumps which are implantable, programmable and refillable will provide benefits of syringe pumps and other implantable pumps combined in one unit. When combined with the gold standard of DSI telemetry, sophisticated implantable infusion pumps will lead to ever more sensitive and powerful means of detecting drug induced therapeutic and/or adverse effects.

iPRECIO® is an innovative micro infusion pump that uses patented mechanical pump technology to accurately infuse fluids at the discretion of the investigator rather than the limitations of the technology. In contrast to other commercially available pumps, iPRECIO® enables researchers to run chronic infusion studies while assuring subjects are receiving accurate infusion rates at predetermined schedules. A refillable reservoir can be accessed percutaneously via a septum, enabling researchers to extend protocols and obtain desired endpoints not easily accomplished with other technologies. (Durations dependant on chosen flow rates.)

iPRECIO® enables investigators to set infusion protocols prior to the start of the study. Start & Stop day/time, Flow rate/mode and infusion duration/mode are all user set.

The completed protocol is downloaded to the pump via USB and ready for implant. The maximum total Infusion Volume is 4.5 – 5.6 ml, dependent on flow rates ranging between 1µL/hr - 30µL/hr.

iPRECIO® Flow Rate Options include:

  • Constant Flow Rate Mode: Configure one constant flow rate for infusion between 1 – 30 µl/hr
  • Variable Flow Rate Mode: Configure up to10 discrete infusion “steps” between 1 – 30 µl/hr
  • Recovery Mode: Manage your infusion start time by incorporating post surgical recovery time in your protocol. You can now time initial infusion to meet your needs!
  • Repeat Mode: Program circadian rhythm, multiple dose regimens or studies for dose response curves-only with iPRECIO®

Refill In Vivo
Run chronic infusion studies without the need to replace empty pumps. Port access to the pump reservoir enables researchers to continue infusions without subjecting the animal to additional surgeries or increasing study subjects. iPRECIO®’s proprietary management software calculates refill windows and allows users to adjust volumes to ensure continued article delivery at accurate rates.

A Complete Infusion Telemetry Solution

DSI transmitters are designed to collect and transmit chronic data from conscious freely moving animals. Our comprehensive physiologic monitoring platform provides flexibility and accuracy not available from any other vendor. Telemetric monitoring supports the 3R’s, by reducing animal numbers, refining study design and replacing labor intensive study methods.

Adding telemetry to a chronic infusion protocol using the iPRECIO® infusion pump enables researchers to run better studies and increase the likelihood of new discoveries in research areas such as:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Drug Discovery
  • And many more!

Combining technologies advances infusion applications. Researchers can wirelessly monitor a fully ambulatory infusion model that is chronically delivered test article at accurate rates. The best of both worlds with no wires or tubes.

iPRECIO® models optimized for mouse and rat infusion studies are both available. Telemetry data may also be collected simultaneously (not shown).
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