Chemical and Biological Defense Solutions

Biodefense Telemetry and Software

The need for bioterrorism countermeasures as part of the defensive arsenal for a modern society has prompted extensive scientific research in a variety of areas.  Telemetry has become integral in the success of biodefense research as investigators seek to maximize animal models, analyze and report data efficiently and mitigate potential personnel risk.  As a long time solution provider to government researchers and related contract facilities, DSI has become a trusted consultant to entities seeking to construct Bio Safety Labs, instrument them appropriately and ultimately enable study success!


According to the animal rule guiding model development in biodefense research, more than one species might be needed if appropriate characterization is not obtained with one model.  DSI is currently the most experienced telemetry provider to offer a robust telemetry platform adaptable to usage across species ranging from mouse to minipig.

Implantable Telemetry
Wireless physiological monitoring has established its position as a technology that enhances worker safety while providing conscious subject chronic data. Implantable telemetry enables researchers to acquire data on ambulatory models that closely represent human scenarios; thus, providing critical physiologic data not feasible via other methods. 

External Telemetry

Studies amenable to external monitoring solutions are supported by our jacketed external telemetry, (JET).  DSI’s JET platform enables researchers to obtain critical physiologic information in a flexible and accurate platform that includes ECG, respiratory and blood pressure parameters.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

The Ponemah software platform is validated in pharmacology and toxicology labs worldwide and uniquely provides continuous data storage and experimental analysis either as they occur on study or during subsequent review.  Operating within GLP guidelines, the Ponemah platform is designed for the researcher whose protocol demands flexibility while maintaining accuracy, in a validated environment. The Ponemah software is modular, allowing users to custom design the configuration based on their application, budget and convenience—without any programming.

Useful Offering for Biodefense Studies:

Data Services 

DSI’s experienced data services team provides the flexibility you need to respond to the changing landscape of infectious disease and biological / chemical defense. DSI’s experienced team provides the expertise and knowledge to simplify the process by analyzing acquired data and accurately reporting the results. Contact us today for your free consultation and discover how we make data analysis effortless. 

Surgical Services
Our experienced surgical services group provides model instrumentation education in many formats.  Detailed surgical videos and manuals provide pertinent information geared toward increasing success for the novice telemetry user.  Contact DSI to learn more about your options regarding hands on education provided by our experienced surgeons.