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Coulbourn Instruments has been providing quality behavioral and physiological research instrumentation to leading scientists worldwide for 40 years. Complete hardware/software integrated systems for in vivo studies in toxicology, pharmacology, and neuroscience for learning and memory, activity, anxiety, addiction, metabolism, contextual fear, acoustic startle, circadian rhythms, drug screening and more.

Highlighted Products

Activity Wheels

The Coulbourn activity wheel mouse cage design was developed in a leading circadian rhythms lab and has been found to be extremely reliable, easy to clean and inexpensive.The wheel is made of stainless steel material and the rotation counting uses a silent magnetic switch. The switch is easily removable for cage cleaning.

Metabolic Monitoring Systems


OxyletPro is a modular system integrating respiratory metabolism, food and drink intake and activity/rearing measurements. This system is optimized for studies in laboratory research models, utilizing indirect calorimetry to evaluate respiratory metabolism. Using a standard rodent home cage, OxyletPro features an airtight lid to ensure the integrity of the sample environment. Independent flow control to each connected cage sends the cage samples in tandem to the gas analyzer for O2 and CO2 concentration analysis.

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Activity and metabolic systems can easily be integrated with DSI technology

Synchronize Voluntary Activity with Ponemah Data

The rodent Activity Wheel represents a very simple and clever way to register animal physical activity in its home cage environment. The use of this high throughput tool is particularly relevant for research involving  circadian rhythms, phenotyping and drug testing. Typically, the time and distance run on a voluntary running wheel are monitored over several days or weeks to determine whether a particular substance or experimental manipulation has an effect on exercise behavior. Running wheel events may be acquired by DSI’s Ponemah software via the Signal Interface solution for synchronized recording with physiological signals, such as activity/sleeping events, body temperature, heart rate, etc. Simply add a light sensor to correlate circadian rhythm with day/night light cycles.


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Monitor Unstressed Physiology during Indirect Calorimetry Studies 

Collect physiology data to better understanding of clusters of conditions and related activity that are often associated with metabolic diseases, hypertension and diabetes. Decreased handling in home cage environments minimizes animal stress and increased translation. Gain a more comprehensive, holistic picture of whole animal cardiovascular and metabolic physiology. 


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