Remote Notification 

Convenient, automated alerts for subject- and system-level conditions.




Stop Stressing Over Your Data Acquisition

Continuous physiologic monitoring should not need your undivided attention. Constantly checking data acquisition throughout the day, on weekends, or the middle of the night isn’t an efficient use of your time. Ponemah provides peace of mind by monitoring subject health and system functionality, notifying you when necessary, via email or text alerts. 

How it works

  • Define alerts based on your trigger conditions
  • Customize alerts to notify the appropriate personnel based on alarm conditions
    (Send subject notifications to physiologists and system notifications to technicians)
  • Receive alerts directly into your email inbox or as text messages



Succeed with Remote Notifications

  • Alert veterinary staff when vital signs go outside specified ranges
    (Receive alerts when temperature exceeds a certain threshold)
  • Use as an animal welfare refinement method to monitor for signals of pain, stress, and infection
  • Know when a system issue occurs so you can take action and reduce the impact to the study   



Simple to Configure

Ponemah Remote Notification Setup

Ponemah email alerts settings are simple to configure.


Make Informed Decisions

Ponemah Remote Notification Email

Email alerts provide you with necessary information to quickly make informed decisions.