FinePointe v2.5.0

Designed to Manage Buxco® Respiratory & Inhalation Instrumentation

Rejected breath log – During the original analysis and subsequent re-analysis of waveform data the user can view a list of Rejected breath details, describing the reason a breath was rejected for analysis and the associated elapsed time.  In previous versions of FinePointe the Rejected Breath details did not persist after analysis was completed.  The Rejected breath details are saved to the Study and can be copied to the Clip Board.   The Rejected Breath details are beneficial when working with Technical Support to adjust algorithm attributes to reduce the number of Rejected breaths within a dataset. 


Improved export subject data capabilities - The user can now filter derived data to be exported to MS Excel by: subject, analysis set, and analyzer type.  The user can also include/exclude event information.  This enhancement can greatly reduce the file size, decreasing export time and reducing post export data editing in Excel.

derived subject data

Whole Body Plethysmography body temperatures – The user can now specify body temperature per subject for the original acquisition and subsequent re-analysis.  Body temperature is referenced by the WBP algorithm therefore having a subject specific temperature reference improves data accuracy.

WBP temp

Buxco Mouse Pup chamber - The 2 and 4 Site FinePointe Whole Body Plethysmography Controllers now have support for the Buxco Mouse Pup chamber.  Previously the Mouse Pup chamber was only supported by the QT1001 Digital Amplifier.  Note: Requires a Buxco calibrator specific to the Mouse Pup chamber.  


Mouse Pup WBP Open

Non-Invasive Airway Mechanics chamber calibration – The following calibration improvements have been made;  Nasal and Thorax chamber time constants have been updated to support the new Hartley Guinea Pig chamber,  Rat chamber effective range limits have been update to improve chamber performance error checking. Visit NAM page

NAM Hartley GP Chamber side view_LR

QT-1001 Digital Amplifier nebulizer calibration support –  Customers using the QT1001 Digital Amplifier can now calibrate the Aeroneb nebulizer.  This is done by using a known volume of liquid dispensed over a specified period of time to determine the nebulizers efficiency. The calibration data is saved by the software and used to improve nebulizer delivery accuracy. The nebulizers efficiency can degrade over time therefore regular calibration can improve experimental consistency by compensating for nebulizer efficiency changes.

QT1001 Digital Preamplifier
Nebulizer Head
Tower and laptop
  • Support for Auxiliary Tower Controller
  • Support for Supplemental Flow device
  • Support for O2/CO2 Gas Analyzer
  • Improved Support for Casella MicroDust Pro Photometer
  • Ability adjust nebulizer output speed ranging from 0-100% during exposure
  • Addition of alarm settings for tower pressure and flow rates
  • Plethysmograph calibration optimization base on selected species
  • Addition of Time Course reports for Dosimetry studies
  • Support for multiple phase Dosimetry studies
  • Ability to change Tower Controller settings when launching a Dosimetry Study
  • Tower Utility Improvements (included at no-charge with Tower Controller)
    • added graphing capability for tower measurements
    • added nebulization time remaining display