FinePointe v2.4.6

Designed to Manage Buxco® Respiratory Instrumentation

Expands protocol design flexibility with Universal Study

  • Allows user to define unique attributes for each Measure period (e.g. Measurement Duration, Recovery Duration, Aerosol Volume, etc.)


Universal Study dialog

Consistent study data through Automated Gas Challenges (WBP system)

  • Automated gas control yields repeatable accurate results
  • Eliminate manual control of gas tanks
  • Save time with reduced manual labor and ease-of-use
  • Create different gas concentration environments with up to 4 unique, pre-mixed gases + room air
Gas Challenge

Save time with Apnea Analysis and Breath Scoring Module (WBP mouse and rat)

  • Score each breath and categorize it as (Apnea Type 0, 1, or 2, Sigh, Sniff, Erratic, Normal) 
  • No need to manually over-read respiratory waveforms

Species-specific effective range error checking (NAM and WBP systems)

  • Post-calibration error checking to determine the chambers effective range is within a proper operating span
  • Error messages indicating actions needed to be taken e.g. replace pneumotach screens



Automated time constant calculations (NAM systems)

  • Automated calculation of Time Constants for Nasal and Thoracic portions of chamber based on most recent calibration data
  • Save valuable time manually calculating and entering Time Constants
  • Ensures more accurate sRaw calculation for every acquisition session

Dosimetry with Biaera Aero MP (Head-Out systems)

  • Accumulated Tidal Volume automation support
  • Automatically terminates drug delivery based on pre-defined threshold of accumulated Tidal

GLP-capable software architecture for faster study start-up

  • Software supports operation within FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations
  • Become compliant even faster with Validation Services
  • Test scripts available for common GLP protocols

Software Review Server (Non-Networked)

  • Remote data analysis station
  • Allow review of previously acquired data at a remote location

Support for MS Windows 10 - 64 bit