PhysioTel Digital Communication Link Controller

The Communication Link Controller (CLC) manages communication between the PhysioTel Digital implants and the acquisition computer. 

The CLC offers:

  • Simultaneous sampling from up to 6 implants
  • Efficient hardware setup wizard used to discover implants, assign frequencies, and manage implants
  • Fully calibrated telemetry data acquisition, optimized to maintain data integrity throughout the system
  • Access to PhysioTel Digital implant benefits, such as:
    • Automated positive animal ID to avoid animal handling mistakes
    • Increased implant longevity with real-time battery monitoring enabling longer study periods
    • Remote implant programming for convenient, safe, and easy device management
  • Ethernet-based connectivity providing improved system portability allowing acquisition using a laptop
  • Automatic transceiver (TRX-1) detection and dynamic connectivity monitoring

PTD Configuration_Implant Details

CLC PhysioTel Digital Telemetry Software Interface