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Buxco® QT Digital Preamplifier - General Purpose Data Acquisition

DSI's Buxco® QT digital preamplifier is a high performance modular interface for legacy and custom systems. This unit provides the I/O which is most commonly required by lab applications. Unlike the FinePointe Series of products, which provide special-purpose dedicated devices, this unit provides general-purpose devices.

The QT accepts up to eight strain gage transducers and up to four digital temperature and humidity sensors. It can drive up to 4 Aerogen Aeroneb® nebulizer heads, and provides 4 bits of digital output. The preamplifier needs no zero adjustment, transducer balance, or gain adjustment.

The temperature and humidity sensors do not require calibration. The QT is typically used for large animals or custom applications and can also be used with the Inhalation Tower.


• Exceptionally quiet electronics
• 24 bit A/D conversion
• RJ45 connectors for ultra-quiet transducer inputs
• USB output
• Supports up to 4 temperature and humidity sensors
• Supports up to 4 Aerogen nebulizers
• Provides 4 bits of digital output control

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