Bias Flow Large Animal Front

Bias Flow Fresh Air Pumps

The Buxco Bias Flow pumps are used with plethysmographs to keep fresh air available in the chamber for the subject to breathe. Utilizing a unique internal design, the unit ensures the flow is extremely quiet and minimizes noise introduced on the measured plethysmograph flow. 

Fresh air prevents carbon dioxide accumulation and helps stabilize temperature and humidity. Flows are regulated and require no adjustment. Push buttons turn individual channels on and off.

Small Animal Bias Flow Pump Features
• Push or pull selectable on the console
• Select between 2 configurable flow levels up to 2.5LMP per chamber
• Provides independent flow control for up to 4 chambers
• Automated calibration

Also available is the Large Animal 4-site Bias Flow Unit with up to 20 LPM capacity per chamber.  

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