DSI recommends regular recalibration of the hardware shown below, especially if working under GLP conditions.  Recommended recalibration intervals are listed in the product documentation.  Please contact Technical Support ( for assistance in returning your products for calibration or repair and calibration.  You can also return product on-line using the DSI Gateway portal.  

Important Note:
Contaminated products may constitute a biohazard!
To prevent delays, carefully follow the cleaning instruction using a DSI approved process as outlined in the Decontaminated Hardware tech note located under Resources; Technical Notes. Note: Shipments that have not been cleaned will be charged a handling fee; more information is located in the Technical Note referenced above.

These products are subject to transportation regulations as published by the US DOT or ICAO or your carrier. If the products are fully decontaminated, they may be exempted or excepted from part or all of the requirements (including packaging, marking, labeling, and documentation).