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DSI Sponsoring WebSeries Focused on Biotelemetry for Life Science

by Dave Johnson | Sep 24, 2014

On October 2, 2014, InsideScientific will host the third session of their Biotelemetry for Life Science WebSeries where presenters will highlight the importance of continuous, real-time physiologic monitoring in preclinical research.

- Sep. 23, 2014 - LONDON, Canada --, an online educational environment for Life Science Researchers, looks forward to hosting the third session of their webinar series entitled ‘Biotelemetry for the Life Sciences’.  In session 1, Brian Brockway, President and CEO of VivaQuant LLC, St Paul, MN and Dr. Robert Hamlin, Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University and Scientific Director of QTest Labs, Columbus, OH, kicked things off by providing a historical overview of wireless monitoring in life science research and highlighted some opportunities for future technological advancement.  In session 2, Dr. Louis D’Alecy, Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology at the University of Michigan, Dr. Jeffrey Osborn, Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky and Dr. Harm Knot, Chief Technology Officer, TSE Systems in Bad Homberg, Germany introduced participants to novel features of the Stellar Telemetry System which allows for recording of physiological parameters in freely roaming and socially active animals.

During session 3 scheduled for Thursday October 2, 2014 attendees will learn about the importance of continuous, real-time monitoring in preclinical research.  During the event, appropriately called ‘Don’t Miss a Beat: Understanding Continuous, Real Time Physiologic Monitoring’, Steve Fox, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck & Co., Inc., will share his experience from pharmaceutical development; discussing the importance of continuous monitoring for sleep studies in research subjects.  Anna Honko, Staff Scientist, NIH/HIAID Integrated Research Facility, will explain the importance of having access to real-time, continuous data when studying infectious diseases in non-human primates.  To conclude the presentation, Dusty Sarazan, Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer, Data Sciences International (DSI), will discuss how and why continuous, real-time monitoring has become a preferred and essential method for acquiring and studying physiology in today's preclinical research setting.

Biotelemetry is without a doubt the preferred approach for obtaining physiological measurements from animal research models in the fields of physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, drug discovery, and drug safety assessment. Naturally, the increase in application and availability of wireless measurement devices has fostered new research previously impossible, and motivated the works of many confirming the benefits of implantable telemetry over tethered and restrained animal models.

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About Data Sciences International (DSI):

DSI is a pioneering biomedical company focused on preclinical systems for physiology and pharmacology research. The recognized global leader in physiologic monitoring, DSI offers telemetry, instrumentation, software and services that help advance science. DSI serves many industries including: Pharmaceuticals, Academia, Contract Research Organizations, Biological and Chemical Defense, the Medical Device Industry, Government, and Biotechnology companies. Solutions are tailored specifically to meet the unique research needs of its customers.  Visit for more information.

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InsideScientific is an online educational environment for Life Science Researchers.  Our goal is to aid in the sharing and distribution of scientific information regarding innovative technologies, protocols, research tools and laboratory services.  It is our mission to augment scientific discovery by facilitating and continually improving the exchange of scientific information.  Visit for more information.

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