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Data Sciences International expands technical support for Buxco product line

by User Not Found | Apr 24, 2014

Data Sciences International expands technical support for Buxco product line

Data Sciences International focuses on customer satisfaction through expert worldwide service

St. Paul, MN, April 18, 2014 - Data Sciences International (DSI) has expanded technical support services for its Buxco line of respiratory products. DSI plans to reduce the time needed to provide services by offering flexible customer support by e-mail and phone, onsite training and installation services, and service contract support. With nine technical support experts in the US, three in Europe, and two in Asia, DSI has committed to providing support where it is needed.

DSI, best known as pioneers in preclinical telemetry, recently acquired Buxco, the leader in instrumentation for preclinical respiratory studies.

“We [Buxco] have worked with DSI for a long time and know customers are already benefiting from DSI’s reach and proven track record of customer service,” said Joe Lomask, former President of Buxco and current DSI software engineer.  

“Leveraging the expertise of both companies will result in unparalleled service for cardiopulmonary researchers,” said Rich Fundakowski, DSI’s VP of Product Development. “Acquiring Buxco allows DSI to develop, manufacture, and support an integrated physiologic monitoring platform that has not been previously seen in the preclinical life sciences industry.”

DSI is a pioneering biomedical company focused on preclinical systems for physiology and pharmacology research. The recognized global leader in physiologic monitoring, DSI offers telemetry, instrumentation, software and services that help advance science. DSI serves many industries including: Pharmaceuticals, Academia, Contract Research Organizations, Biological and Chemical Defense, the Medical Device Industry, Government, and Biotechnology companies. Solutions are tailored specifically to meet the unique research needs of its customers.

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