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American Society for Microbiology Biothreats 2019

What’s new in high consequence pathogen research, biological threat reduction, product development and policy will be the focus of the 2019 ASM Biothreats meeting. Experts in academia, industry and government present and discuss the latest developments in this emerging field. 

A highlight of this meeting is Biothreats Peer-to-Peer, a half-day pre-meeting symposium providing students and early career professionals the unique opportunity to make an oral presentation to a group of their peers. Speakers from the full Biothreats program have been invited to discuss their careers and job opportunities in the field. 

New this year is the session The Business of Biothreats: An Entrepreneurial Challenge, inspired by Shark Tank®, the TV program where inventors present their innovative ideas to a panel of potential judges. Present your great idea to address/solve the challenges of biothreats to the exclusive ASM Biothreats Panel to see if your idea will rise to the top. 

Visit DSI at booth #11 to learn about exciting new solutions to help you get the best data out of your studies!

ASM Booth Location

Who's Attending?

     _LIF8068cc                           MGirand                            

          Keith Murphy                                           Mike Girand
Regional Sales Manager, US            Manager Inside Sales &
                                                                             Scientific Applications

     Nana 3LR
              Nana Balesh
          Account Manager

Why DSI?

  • Over 30 years of experience in the preclinical research market.
  • Acquire data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals.
  • Fully implantable telemetry that collects continuous high quality data
  • Stress-free data collection while reducing risk of infection
  • Clean and compact hardware that's easy to assemble.
  • Various sizes to support a range of research models (from mice to non-human primates).
  • In-house quality and development expertise.
  • FinePointe systems set new standards for ease of operation. Each collection site includes a console that provides you with real time data collection status and real time data collection control.
  • Instant reports.
  • Flexible data handling.
  • GLP software and friendly features.
  • Knowledgeable and responsive global support team that will ensure you have full confidence with your system and acquiring the data you need for your studies. 

What's New!

Inhalation Tower
ALL NEW Stackable Inhalation Tower The DSI Buxco inhalation exposure system is designed with the ease-of-use desired by researchers new to inhalation exposure, yet providing the performance and flexibility required by the inhalation exposure expert. Unique to DSI is the ability to perform accurate real-time respiration monitoring during exposure, critical for animal welfare and determining accurate deposition levels. With a high degree of port-to-port uniformity, this high efficiency system provides exceptional protocol repeatability, translating into high yield exposure studies. The inhalation tower utilizes an expandable yet compact, “flow-past” design, eliminating rebreathing concerns. Supported species include mice, rats, guinea pigs and ferrets. A stackable tower design for 1 to 6 levels and up to 42 subjects. 


L11R Cardiopulmonary Implant

This digital based large animal device  provides continuous and simultaneous measurement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The L11R monitors pressure, biopotential, temperature, respiratory volume, respiratory rate and activity while incorporating enhancements from the PhysioTel Digital platform. The L11R is used in both dosimetry and improved disease state monitoring, resulting in a more accurate assessment of dosing and disease course, thus enabling better application of research to the Animal Rule.