Animal Vendors

Charles River Laboratories (CRL) is a provider of research models. CRL can provide animals pre-implanted with DSI telemetry implants.  

Taconic is a provider of research models. Taconic and DSI have partnered to offer pre-implanted research models.

The Jackson Laboratory is a provider of research models. Jackson Labs and DSI have partnered to offer pre-implanted research models.

The Jackson Laboratory

Scientific Partners

DSI is proud to be a sponsor of the following organizations that are committed to the advancement of scientific research and animal welfare.



DSI is a proud sponsor of the American Physiological Society and the following sections: 
  • Cardiovascular Section
  • Central Nervous System Section
  •  Control of Respiration Section
  •  Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section
  •  Physiological Genomics Group
  •  Renal Section
  •  Respiration Section
  • Water and Electrolyte Homeostasis Section
APS logo

Technology Partners

DSI and ADInstruments are co-promotion partners. The two companies have collaborated to develop PhysioTel Connect, enabling the use of PhysioTel telemetry data to be acquired and analyzed with LabChart from ADI.
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BASi and DSI have collaborated to provide an automated blood sampling and telemetry solution that can be used to collect multiple physiologic measurements from a single animal.

Primetech and DSI have partnered to bring customers the iPrecio®, an implantable, programmable, and refillable infusion pump. Primetech is also a distributor of DSI products to Japan.


Nova Biomedical has partnered with DSI to provide the StatStrip® XpressTM, which offers precise glucose measurement and is the preferred reference for calibration of the HD-XG glucose implant.

Nova Biomedical

Noldus Information Technology (Noldus) has developed an interface with the DSI telemetry system that allows synchronized recording of telemetry and video data with Media Recorder as well as the ability to import all this data into The Observer XT or EthoVision XT software. The PhenoTyper solution also supports the simultaneous use of DSI telemetry.


NOTOCORD provides data acquisition and analysis software that is compatible with DSI telemetry. 



VivaQuant™ provides software and services for quantitative analysis of ECG intervals and arrhythmias for preclinical and clinical research studies. Their Rhythm Express software is able to read data acquired by DSI software.