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See how continuous glucose telemetry is changing the way research is conducted and uncovering new insights in the process.

From Mouse to Monkey: Revolutionizing Research via Preclinical Continuous Glucose Telemetry

Scientists present wireless glucose monitoring methodology, best practices, research findings, and discuss the power of continuous glucose profiles in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular research.

"Coming from someone who has spent nights sleeping on the floor of the lab to collect blood glucose samples, I can tell you that this [implantable glucose telemetry] is already changing my work/life balance."

  – Anonymous beta site

Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Research in Rodents

An essential webinar for endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism researchers interested in collecting a complete glucose profile via implantable telemetry to minimize animal stress and improve animal welfare.

"Continuous glucose telemetry provides an invaluable tool for us to characterize our ZDSD rat model of metabolic syndrome. 
We have been thrilled with our collaboration with DSI as a beta test site and are excited and ready to move forward with glucose
telemetry as part of our core service offerings for metabolic studies."

– Richard “Pete” Peterson, VP R&D, PreClinOmics

See what researchers have learned using continuous glucose telemetry in their studies.

Dr. Christina Boyle 

Crown Bio_CGT

Continuous Glucose Monitoring in NHP Models

Discover continuous glucose monitoring as an enhanced technique for preclinical blood glucose measurement in NHP models of diabetes in a blog post from Crown Bioscience.

How could continuous glucose telemetry improve your research?

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