Advance your research with Continuous Glucose Telemetry


Do more with continuous, stress-free data while minimizing blood draws and human interaction for you and your subjects.



Key Benefits

  • Higher Quality Data
  • Improved Animal Welfare
  • Advanced Study Options
  • Cost Savings

Details are highlighted on our Resources page and expanded on, in depth, within a whitepaper titled “Advancing Research:  A Review of Continuous Glucose Telemetry for Preclinical Applications”.  Alternatively, you can hear what some customers say about the technology or review a list of publications.




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Ponemah® Software

Confidently collect, accurately analyze, and quickly summarize your telemetry data.

Your data is one of the most important assets and its management will have a huge impact on your success. Be certain of your data integrity using Ponemah software as your data engine.

  • Data acquisition designed for optimal performance when simultaneously monitoring many subjects and signal types, from hours to weeks
  • Data analysis using validated algorithms trusted by researchers to reliably obtain accurate, consistent results
  • Summarize and present your results based on the unique requirements of your study

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How could continuous glucose telemetry improve your research?

The value of Continuous Glucose Telemetry is significant but varies based upon both why and how you perform your research. Request a personal evaluation to discuss your application and we will follow up with a summary of potential benefits.

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