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The Value of Continuous Glucose Telemetry

Animal welfare, scientific, and financial benefits can be realized in research applications through the in vivo collection of Continuous Glucose Telemetry data.  This is achieved by providing glucose, temperature, and activity measurements every second for a period of at least four and often six to eight weeks while only requiring one to three blood samples per week. 

Improved Animal Welfare

Continuous glucose telemetry supports the refinement and reduction principles of animal welfare by reducing stress, pain, and the number of animals required for each study.

Higher Quality Data

As the animals are conscious and freely moving, they experience less stress than with traditional restrained methods and the experimental conditions better represent real world outcomes. Continuous data collection with telemetry also provides a more complete picture of results than intermittent sampling. As a result, the data collected is of higher quality and better translates to humans.  

The Value of Continuous Glucose Telemetry

Advanced Study Options

Stress-free, continuous glucose data enables you to perform studies and quantify data in ways not possible or feasible with intermittent sampling. 

  • Use animals sequentially as their own control
  • Detect subtle changes that would otherwise be missed
  • Opportunity for quantification of new and improved biomarkers such as glucose homeostasis, glycemic variability, rate of change to a stimulus, time to an event, time within a range, and more.

Cost Savings

The combination of reduced handling, fewer blood draws, and smaller sample sizes leads to significant savings in labor, consumables, assays, husbandry, test compound, and more.  The reduction in labor allows for application of labor elsewhere helping you to get more done with the same resources.

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Hear from the scientists themselves on how continuous glucose telemetry is enhancing research and providing a more complete picture of glucose levels throughout a study.

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Interested in learning more about how to use continuous glucose telemetry and its benefits? Check out these videos for more information.

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