Implantable Glucose Telemetry

The Better Method for Glucose Monitoring


See the Value of Glucose Telemetry

DSI’s automated system monitors and collects continuous glucose data from conscious, freely moving mice, rats, pigs, nonhuman primates, dogs, and other large animals. Get high quality data, unimpeded by stress artifact, so you can make improved decisions from a complete data set.

Webinar: From Mouse to Monkey: Revolutionizing Research via Preclinical Continuous Glucose Telemetry

Scientists present wireless glucose monitoring methodology, best practices, research findings, and discuss the power of continuous glucose profiles, particularly when combined with other gold standard assays to study obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular related diseases.

Proven benefits

  • Telemetry is among the most humane means of monitoring
  • Fewer blood draws saves time and improves welfare
  • Fewer animals are required (sample size reduction)
  • Continuous stress-free data collection reduces variability
  • Quantify glucose homeostasis & glycemic variability
Learn more about the value of continuous glucose telemetry, the HD-XG implant for rodents, or the M series glucose implants for large animals. Otherwise, use the top navigation to learn even more about the benefits of implantable continuous glucose telemetry.

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

This article explains the advantages of data quality and quantity when using implantable glucose telemetry versus alternative blood sampling solutions.

Large Animal Glucose Telemetry

Now available in two M series models for continuous glucose monitoring in large animals.

Upcoming Events

Recent Publications

Several posters featuring HD-XG have been presented at various scientific meetings. View the poster abstracts here.

On-demand Webinar

An essential webinar for researchers interested in collecting a complete glucose profile via implantable telemetry to minimize animal stress and improve animal welfare. Watch it Now.