Implanted infusion models using iPRECIO® can be extended by percutaneous access to the pump refill septum enabling researchers to easily refill the reservoir while in vivo; thus, long-term drug infusion can continue until the battery life has run out or the protocol has ended.

 Additionally, iPRECIO® offers the advantage of having an externally palpable elastic reservoir, providing a physical indicator of pump performance and remaining fluid levels. 

  • Less surgical intervention and extended model life
  • Increased model flexibility by enabling the testing of varying drug concentrations and alternate agents of interest
  • Maximized model use and increased subject welfare

iPRECIO® infusion pumps which are implantable, programmable and refillable will provide benefits of syringe pumps and other implantable pumps combined in one unit. In combination with the physiologic gold standard of telemetry, sophisticated implantable infusion pumps will lead to ever more sensitive and powerful means of detecting drug induced therapeutic and/or adverse effects.

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