Minimize system set-up challenges by partnering with DSI.

DSI’s experienced support team can help you minimize the time required to set-up and become proficient using sophisticated monitoring tools. Our training services range from start-up assistance for new systems, to on-site training for specific applications. All training is customized to meet your needs. The time-saving benefits of this training will allow you to successfully use your system, by learning in your own facility.

Start-Up Assistance
Start-up assistance aids customers with new systems. DSI works with you to optimize the performance of your new system. Training is provided to ensure you are comfortable running a study.

Customized On-Site Training
DSI will work with you to design a curriculum to meet your training needs. DSI will provide a Support Engineer to conduct the training.

Advanced Software Training
Our expert trainers can teach you how to maximize the utility of our unique software platforms.  The additional knowledge you gain from this training will help you successfully acquire and analyze the physiologic data you collect from your experiments.

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