StatStrip® Xpress Meter Specifications

Weight 0.2 lbs (75 g)
Dimensions 3.6 in x 2.3 in x 0.9 in (91 mm x 58 mm x 23 mm)
Data Storage 400 glucose measurements or QC tests
Measurement Range and Units  
U.S. 10-900 mg/dL
Outside U.S. 1-50 mmol/L
Blood Glucose Measurement
Sample Volume Required 1.2uL
Time to Glucose Results 6 seconds
Data Transfer Strip Port Connection to USB
Data Program Nova Microsoft-Excel based data transfer Software
Battery Information
Type 3V Li Button Battery
Features Replaceable
Life Minimum 600 tests before battery requires replacement

Interferences Corrected for by StatStrip® Xpress Meter

Hematocrit, Ascorbic Acid, Acetaminophen, Uric Acid, Maltose, Galactose, and Oxygen

Additional StatStrip® Xpress Meter Features

  • LCD black/white display
  • Large numeric display (30 mm)
  • Traditional QC with target values assigned to QC materials
  • Units of measure based on meter ordered (mg/dl or mmol/L models)
  • Auto-shut off of meter when not in use
  • Automatic sample detection and analysis start
  • Automatic sample counter with date/time stamp for data tracking

Test Strips

Test Strips available in cases of 1800 or boxes of 100.

QC Test Solutions

QC Test Solutions of low, medium, high, and very high concentration available to confirm calibration of the StatStrip Xpress meter.

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