Ponemah v5.x

The preclinical software solution for Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology studies.

Confidently collect sensor data. Accelerate your results. Make Better Decisions.
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Ponemah software

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  Easy Study Management

Software setup and execution should be simple, yet flexible. Ponemah Study Protocol feature streamlines study management so you can easily acquire, analyze, and report data across multiple workstations, increasing data security and reducing errors.

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  Versatile Acquisition Interfaces

Our robust acquisition engine is designed to support the versatility required by GLP labs. Collect from the instrumentation you need using a universal platform.

  • PhysioTel® implantable telemetry for Safety Pharmacology or Toxicology
  • 12-lead snapshot ECG for Toxicology
  • Chambers for Respiratory Safety Pharmacology
  • Jacket External Telemetry for combined Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology

Accurate, Flexible Data Analysis and Summarization

Obtain accurate, consistent results using Ponemah automated analysis trusted by researchers worldwide to discover new insights into their research applications. Adjust algorithm settings to optimize signal analysis from various species and unique morphologies or to eliminate signal noise from results. Use our built-in visualization tools to explore data and gain complete confidence in your results.

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Advanced GLP Compliance

Be confident in your operational level of GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance using Ponemah’s Study Protocol and Data Security features. Maximize your compliance with:

  • Secure System and User Level Access Control
  • Automatic creation of Electronic Signatures for 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • Comprehensive Audit logs and file verification for complete traceability
  • Structured and transparent data handling
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Ponemah Acquisition


Smart, Powerful Tools

Get the most out of your research. Customize Ponemah to your study-specific needs.

Spend more time on the science and less time scouring data.

 Data Insights           Don’t waste time manually over-reading waveforms to find, validate, and clean your data. Reduce the labor involved in your data analysis and validation processes by let Data Insights pinpoint data that deserves your attention and deliver that data directly to you for quick, confident decisions. With Data Insights, execute automated, customizable searches to expose patterns and anomalies in your data. Advantageous when validating analysis performance, building ECG PRO template libraries, discerning treatment effect, screening for arrhythmia, and more.

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 ECG PRO Improve the precision of ECG analysis in less time with template-based analysis. ECG PRO uses researcher selected cardiac cycles as templates for precise comparison against other cycles in the dataset.

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Don’t stress, data acquisition should not need your undivided attention. Constantly checking status throughout the day, on weekends, or the middle of the night isn’t an efficient use of your time. Ponemah’s Remote Notification provides peace of mind by monitoring subject health and system functionality, notifying you when necessary, via either email or text alerts.

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Seamlessly integrate and synchronize your tools with DSI telemetry.

 SEND        The Standard for Exchange of Non-clinical Data (SEND) is a data formatting standard required for certain Safety Pharmacology, General Toxicology and Reproductive Toxicology studies for submission to the FDA.  Save time on formatting using the Ponemah SEND Module to quickly convert your Ponemah data to a SEND 3.1-compliant format.

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 Video Synchronize up to eight video cameras with physiologic signals for better interpretation of your data. Verify physiologic events, associate behavioral changes with your physiologic data, or help determine the cause of artifacts.

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 Automatically trigger dosing, stimulation, and other events based on physiologic parameters by outputting your Ponemah derived data directly to your other laboratory tools and systems.

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NeuroScore Software

Streamline CNS data analysis to reduce time to results.

Stop scoring sleep stages and seizure events manually. Dramatically reduce analysis time and variability using NeuroScore’s frequency analysis tools and automated analysis modules.

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First study. Every study. DSI is here to help.

Installation & Training

Getting started with a new, unfamiliar system can be challenging. With onsite installation and training, our Technical Support team will provide in-depth system instruction and straightforward, real-word advice to ensure you get up and running quickly and confidently.

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Validation Services

The validation process is often lengthy, confusing, and at times overwhelming. The complexity of the regulatory requirements may leave you wondering whether you've interpreted everything correctly for your Ponemah system, worried that maybe you missed something, or just plain exasperated about the amount of time it's going to take.

DSI understands the difficulties you may encounter in GLP Validation and our team is here to help you validate with confidence, speed, and consistency.

Data Services

Managing large amounts of physiologic data can be time consuming and overwhelming. We are ready to help you simplify this process with an experienced team. No matter how complex your research is, we have the tools and expertise to help you successfully reach conclusions.

Surgical Services

Surgical proficiency is critical to successful physiologic monitoring with telemetry. Shorten the learning curve and experience higher surgical success rates with training from DSI’s experienced Surgical team for quicker success in data collection.

Don’t have a surgeon on staff but still need an efficient, convenient and complete telemetry solution? Let DSI’s experienced surgeons deliver healthy, telemetered animals for your research.

DSI Support Center

Because questions don't always arise during "normal" business hours.  Find the tips, tricks, and troubleshooting advice you need now with our knowledge base.  

Prefer to speak with someone?  Spin up a chat or schedule dedicated time with our Technical Support team when it's convenient for you.

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