DSI Reporting

Customizable data organization, analysis, visualization and reporting from a single source. Introducing DSI Reporting – a powerful user-friendly tool designed by real world drug development scientists to organize, analyze, visualize, and report data acquired with the Ponemah software platform.

Traditionally researchers extracted or exported data manually from data acquisition systems to third-party spreadsheet and graphing programs or developed and maintained separate in-house analysis and reporting systems. These methods are potentially prone to data transfer errors and increased compliance risk for GLP-regulated studies. In addition, time, personnel, and money are spent for quality control, quality assurance, report writing, and/or software development and maintenance. 
Features of DSI Reporting 
  • Tool Tip displays information for each data point: Dose/Animal name, X-axis Label, X, and Y values. 
  • Many Graph presentations to choose from like smooth line, bar, symbol and 3D/2D 
  • Point labels display numerical values for plotted point 
  • Export data to Excel or text file 
  • Database-driven for data security and uniformity