DSI Software Support Lifecycle 

This policy defines DSI’s guidelines for software product support and discontinuation. This policy covers all licensed software manufactured and sold by DSI. It does not cover software offered by 3rd parties that are compatible with DSI products as those software products are covered by the manufacturer.

Software Lifecycle

The scope of support DSI will provide will depend on where it is in its product lifecycle. DSI provides standard support for the currently released version and limited support once this version reaches End of Life (EOL). The released version will reach EOL status when a new, replacement version is available or when DSI discontinues the selling of the product. DSI will provide support for a period of three (3) years from the EOL date. However, the level of support will change based on elapsed time, as displayed in the example below.

Software Lifecycle

​Support Levels and Timeline

Support Levels and Timeline

Support Details

Standard Standard product support shall be provided for each released version from its release date to up to one (1) year after EOL. Product support includes fixes for software defects that prevents users from progressing through the software, cause loss or misrepresentation of data during acquisition and/or analysis, and/or affect the software security and electronic records and signatures invalidating its GLP 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Workarounds for other non-critical software defects may exist and will be provided in such a case.

During the Standard Support period and at its discretion, DSI may fix bugs in a current release and deliver it as a service pack; or may schedule bug fixes in a future release. 
Limited Limited product support starts immediately at the end of Standard Support and continues for two (2) years. Limited Support includes email and phone support, problem investigation, and providing problem resolution recommendations based on existing knowledge, and existing supported product releases and service packs. During the Limited Support phase, DSI may provide qualified service packs at its discretion.
Discontinued Product will no longer be supported immediately at the end of Limited Support. DSI will provide best effort email and phone support with an understanding that support will be limited and solutions may not be found. Researchers will be strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest product version.

Lifecycle Dates
Lifecycle Dates

DSI will provide new software releases at its discretion. All timelines mentioned for "End of Life” and "End of Standard Support" and "End of Limited Support" are close approximations and subject to change.