DSI Pre-pay Exchange Program

DSI offers a program for customers to pre-pay for future implant exchanges.  This program allows you to pay for your exchanges now, but send your implants back to DSI for exchange when you are ready for replacement devices. Pre-paid exchanges may be purchased in any quantity, must be used for the implant model originally purchased, and must be used within 2 years of purchase. 

 How does DSI Pre-pay Exchange work?

  1. Simply request a pre-pay exchange quote from your DSI Sales Contact, place your order, and DSI will credit your account for the pre-paid exchanges.
  2. When you are ready to exchange implants, send them to DSI using the DSI Exchange Form. DSI sends replacement exchanges!  

 Benefits of DSI Pre-pay Exchange:

  • Maximize your budget and purchase implants according to your budget cycle
  • Secure DSI’s current exchange pricing
  • Simplify ongoing order processing with an initial purchase requisition
  • DSI will cover UPS ground shipping costs for any pre-pay exchange order

To request a quote for DSI pre-pay exchanges, please contact DSI Sales.  Contact details can be found at: http://www.datasci.com/contact

To learn more about DSI Exchange, visit: http://www.datasci.com/products/implantable-telemetry/dsi-exchange-program.