DSI RMC-1 Right Angle Connector 

DSI’s RMC-1 receiver is used for monitoring large animals such as rabbits,minipigs, dogs, primates and other animals housed in metal cages. Though the RPC-1 model is typically used for monitoring animals housed in plastic cages, the RMC-1 may be used to monitor animals housed in plastic basin cages when provisions are made to accommodate the cable exiting the rear of the housing.

Whichever type of cage you choose to use, DSI’s Right Angle Connector for the RMC-1 reduces the space needed to accommodate the cable exiting the rear of the RMC-1 receiver. This offers the flexibility of placing cages closer to walls or adjacent cages.

The Right Angle Connector allows more flexibility when installing RMC-1 receivers. It is 35 mm shorter than the standard connector and connects in-line with existing RMC-1 Fischer Connector Cables. Plus, the Right Angle Connector, as well as the RMC-1 receiver, is water resistant which makes it possible to spray down the receiver and connector in place.

The RMC-1 receiver provides reliable reception of data transmitted via digital telemetry and has two receiving antennae oriented at right angles to minimize dropouts due to directionality of the transmission pattern. 

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