Source a Surgeon

DSI provides expert surgeons so your team can focus on the science. 


The Choice is Yours
Surgeries performed at your
location on your test subjects.
Pre-implanted animals are
delivered to your location.

Efficient Experiments.  
Get your experiments up and running faster than taking the time to develop the internal expertise or waiting for your team to make time in their schedule.

Surgical Success.
  Guaranteed optimal animal health and signal quality during the surgical  procedure.

Full-Service Solution.  
Animals are surgically prepared and ready to acclimate for your study.

Program Highlights:      

  • Optimized surgical placements by assessing telemetry signals intra-operatively
  • Surgical and post-operative animal records
  • Advanced surgical techniques with IACUC oversight
  • Reduced animal stress
  • We provide every from pre-surgical preparation through complete perioperative care