Society of Toxicology, ToxExpo

Are you attending the 2020 Society of Toxicology meeting? If so, stop by our booth, 722, and share your research goals as well as any pain points you may have with current methods to learn how DSI solutions can reduce stress and allow you to focus on the science.

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Society of Toxicology, ToxExpo

DSI Attendees


UV Shemesh

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Gerry Sanabria
Senior Account Manager

UV Shemesh
Product Manager, Inhalation and Exposure

Dan Singer
Director, Product Marketing

Shannon Leishman
Sales Manager, West Region





Sara Kruper
Marketing Communications Specialist

Jay Gizzi
Vice President, Global Marketing and International Sales

Ryan Wallace
Vice President, North American Sales

John Kroehle
Director, Software Marketing

Get the high-quality toxicology data you need

Inhalation Exposure

Smoke Delivery
E-cigarettes and vaping are hot areas of research due to the rise in lung injury associated with them. DSI offers turn-key systems for basic and in-depth research using traditional cigarettes or electronic, including JUUL and NJOY brands. 

Coming Soon!

In the spring of 2020, we will also be releasing a new sophisticated e-cigarette/vape machine that conforms to all the latest ISO standards and works with all devices and e-juices.

Smoke Generator_with Tower_LR

The All New Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol Parameter
DSI’s inhalation system provides a one-of-a-kind solution for researchers who want to minimize assumptions by looking at deposition amounts across multiple subjects. FinePointe software can create an accumulated deposition parameter and report against mortality using the subjects' plethysmography data. 


Respiratory Measurements

Direct Respiratory Measurements
Head out plethysmography enables direct measurement using a cost-effective, easy to validate system. This option is ideal for high throughput studies with shorter collection periods. Looking to measure resistance and compliance? Easily integrate our implantable telemetry and head out plethysmography to measure pleural pressure and pulmonary flow, respectively,
and derive resistance and compliance in conscious animal models using our Ponemah software.
HO 3chamber

Indirect Respiratory Measurements
Whole body plethysmography (WBP) enables indirect measurements with an easy to use, unrestrained system. As the animals are freely moving, there is less acclimation time required.  DSI's WBP solutions also allow integration of fluid swivels for IV dosing and blood draws, as well as hardwired biopotential collection and optogenetics.

WBP Mouse chamber with Instech 1ch side view

Confidently collect sensor data, accelerate your results, and make better decisions.
All within a regulated environment.

Ponemah 5.4

Ponemah version 5.4 incorporates new features to enhance your experience.

Custom Derived Parameters
Perform animal specific QTc calculations directly in Ponemah for inclusion in reports and SEND output, with full traceability!

Data Cleaning
Define data exclusion criteria to remove cycle or average derived data from Derivation and Data Reduction tables, removing the need for custom macros and maintaining traceability.



Remove unnecessary quality control steps and save time with automated data output to SEND 3.1 format.

Reduce error, save time

Manually converting data or building custom, hard-to-maintain macros is no longer sustainable and may put your study at risk. Let the Ponemah SEND* Module automatically convert your Ponemah data to a SEND 3.1-compliant format, with full traceability.

 Ultimate Flexibility

We understand the SEND output from Ponemah is a small piece of your complete FDA submission. Ponemah SEND offers seamless data access to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and SEND submission software. Microsoft Excel output is also available.

Ponemah Acquisition


Ponemah SEND Viewer

Reduce the number of animals needed by getting more information from each one

Our new PhysioTel™ Digital cardiopulmonary implant, the L11R, allows you to collect continuous cardiovascular and respiratory endpoints simultaneously with a single implant!

Measure a pressure, biopotential, temperature, respiratory volume, respiratory rate, and activity in conscious, freely moving large animals.

Interested in learning more? Check out this case study from Charles River Laboratories.



A smaller option for your large animal studies
Coming Soon!
These days, smaller primates are being used.  To ensure the highest animal welfare and data integrity, our team is developing a smaller version of our current M11 and M10 telemetry implants. This new shape and smaller size will make it easier to implant the devices subcutaneously in primates.

The M11 enables you to measure one pressure and one biopotential, and the M10 can measure a single pressure.



Putting the client first is inherent in DSI's culture, and DSICare is simply our promise to you. Whether it's your first study or you've been working with for years, our expert services team is here to help!

DSICare, DSI, Data Sciences International

Pre-Implanted Services

When you’re working hard to plan and execute a research study, the last thing you need is an unexpected surgical problem. DSI Pre-Implantation Services takes care of device implantation, optimizing signal quality, and ensuring animal health and recovery to give you peace of mind.

Data Analysis

Managing large amounts of data can be challenging and make your research progress feel painstakingly slow. Our Data Services team lightens the load by analyzing your data and delivering accurate, consistent, and comprehensive reports quickly. 

GLP Validation

Whether you’re validating your first system for GLP or you’re a seasoned expert, DSI On-Site GLP Validation Services saves you time, money, and effort with results you can trust.

Schedule a consultation at any time with our scientific services team, which includes surgical, data, and validation services, as well as Technical Support.

  • Problems during your study? Our technical support team is available for consultations and troubleshooting.
  • Our Knowledge Base is loaded with helpful information and is also accessible on mobile devices via the DSI Support app.
  • Full training packages with our technical support team are also available anytime for all skill levels.

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