SfN 2017

DSI at Society for Neuroscience 2017

November 12th-15th
Washington D.C.

Come on down!

Play the DSI Plinko game for your chance to win prizes! Collect stickers from all 5 participating companies and bring them to the DSI booth to play! All players will be entered into a drawing for our grand prize, an Amazon Echo!

Participating partners include:

ADInstruments: Booth #1423

iPRECIO Infusion Pumps by Primetech Corporation: Booth #918

Noldus: Booth #1223 & 1229

CED: Booth #2117


Connect with our neuroscience specialist!

Using a combined solution with DSI and one of our partners? On Tuesday November 14th, look for our neuroscience specialist, Stefano Gaburro, in their booth to answer questions. See below for more information on the combined solutions.

ADInstruments: 10:30 – 11:30am

Noldus: 12:00 – 1:00pm

Ugo Basile: 1:00 – 2:00pm

If you are unable to attend these sessions, please ask the booth staff or reach out to Stefano directly via email or LinkedIn to schedule a meeting.

Who's attending?



Terrence Haas


Lorie Boyd

Mike Girand
Manager, Scientific Applications

Stefano Gaburro
Account Manager, Neuroscience Specialist

Terrence Haas
Senior Product Manager, Implantable Telemetry

Anna Honko
Account Manager

Lorie Boyd
Senior Account Manager


Keith Murphy



Kristen Knox


Keith Murphy
Sales Manager, East Region

Sara Kruper
Market Manager

Alexei Sacks
Vice President, Product Development

Kristen Knox
President and CEO



Booth Location

Stop by our booth to tell us about your research goals, preview an upcoming version of Ponemah before it's released, and have some fun!

See the map to the right for the booth location.

Society for Neuroscience, DSI at SfN, DSI booth, booth 1817

What's new at DSI?

Video support with Noldus Media Recorder is coming to Ponemah 6!
Come see a live preview at the DSI booth!

Check out the new HD-X02 and HD-S02 implants!
Continuously collect two biopotential channels (typically EEG and EMG), temperature and activity in research areas such as:

Affective Disorders
Movement Disorders
Neurodegenerative Disorders

Stop by our booth to learn how the expanded bandwidth could impact your research!

Also, visit Dr. Marcio Furtado’s poster utilizing the HD-S02 at poster board# W1-302.03!

HD-S02 HD-X02 Comparison


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DSI and AD Instruments

AD Instruments is a long time leader in the physiological market. Since 2016, they have offered the capability of real time analysis of physiologic signals acquired with DSI telemetry. LabChart is a proven tool for analysis of EEG and event related potential (ERP).

DSI and Noldus

Noldus and DSI's combined solutions have been used in a variety of labs for experiments on social interaction, aggressive behavior, and anxiety/depression tests to learn how physiological parameters, such as heart rate, are affected in response to a behavioral challenge.

DSI and Ugo Basile

Ugo Basile's systems for behavioral assessment have been used in combination with DSI telemetry for analysis of rodent fear state in fear conditioning paradigms or for exercise performance using treadmill systems.


Other Products to Explore

AllayTM Restraint
Restraining animals for different procedures is always stressful for the animal and the researcher. The AllayTM Restraint reduces animal stress as demonstrated by physiology.

Continuous glucose telemetry allows for: stress-free data, fewer blood draws, and fewer animals

Small Animal Pair Housing
Research shows pair-housing can reduce stress artifacts in physiologic data. DSI offers the HD-S11 and HD-S1 solutions for small animals.

Buxco Respiratory Solutions
DSI's Buxco software and hardware are designed to assist researchers with collecting data and reporting results in the fastest, easiest, and most reliable manner.