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Society for Neuroscience 2018

November 3rd-7th

San Diego, CA









Attending the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting? Stop by booth 1920 to discuss your research goals and see how we can collaborate to make them happen!



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Who's attending?



Stefano Gaburro

Senior Account Manager, Neuroscience Specialist


Mike Girand

Manager, Inside Sales & Scientific Applications

Society of Toxicology attendee, SOT

Kim McMullen

Account Manager




Sara Kruper

Market Manager

Dan Singer_2

Dan Singer

Director, Product Marketing

Jay Gizzi

Jay Gizzi

Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Alexei Sacks

Vice President, Product Development





What's new?



New Implants for Neuroscience!

Continuously collect up to four biopotential channels (typically EEG and EMG), temperature and activity in research areas such as:



Affective Disorders

Movement Disorders

Neurodegenerative Disorders


Stop by our booth to learn how the expanded bandwidth could impact your research!



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Video-EEG: Enhancing Neuroscience Research

Video-EEG animal models allow researchers to better understand neuronal activity as well as diagnose and develop pharmaceutical drugs for veterinary and human patients. 

DSI offers solutions for collecting and analyzing Video-EEG data including hardwired systems, implantable telemetry, video cameras, and software.

To learn more about all of DSI's solutions, visit our neuroscience solutions page.

Video-EEGDSI System with video





See what you've been missing with continuous glucose!

Stress-free data

Fewer blood draws

Fewer animals

Available for mice, rats, and large animals!


View our recent webinar to learn how continuous data is revolutionizing research!


Glucose Implant                 M0G



DSI Support Center

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The DSI Support Center is available from the Google Play and Apple Stores.  It can also be accessed via the DSI website.

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Putting the client first is inherent in DSI culture, and DSICare is simply our promise to you.  Whether it's your first study or you've been working with us for years, our team provides the support you need.

 No fees or enrollment forms required.

Quality service and support.


Visit the DSICare webpage to learn more!

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Managing large amounts of physiologic data can be time consuming and overwhelming. No matter how complex your research is, we have the tools and expertise to help you successfully reach conclusions.

Experience higher surgical success rates with our flexible menu of surgical options. We believe experience matters and we are here to ensure your surgical procedures are successful.

Improve research outcomes by partnering with DSI to execute preclinical studies with implantable telemetry. The experienced services team alleviates space, time, training, technology and labor challenges associated with successful study execution.





Strategic Partners



Noldus and DSI's combined solutions have been used in a variety of labs for experiments on social interaction, aggressive behavior, and anxiety/depression tests to learn how physiological parameters, such as heart rate, are affected in response to a behavioral challenge.

Booths 2435 & 2429


Primetech and DSI have partnered to bring customers iPrecio®, an implantable, programmable, and refillable infusion pump. Primetech is also a distributor of DSI products to Japan.

Booth 2922

Harvard Apparatus

To complement our implantable telemetry solutions, DSI is excited to offer surgical equipment from Harvard Apparatus including anesthesia systems, animal heating and monitoring systems, ventilators, and stereotaxic equipment.

Booths 2829 & 2813

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Research Diets

Research Diets, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of custom, purified OpenSource diets and scientific instrumentation for ingestive behavior monitoring in laboratory animal models worldwide. Researchers can use the Biodaq System (Food and Water Intake) in combination with DSI’s continuous glucose telemetry to address questions relative to nutrition, metabolism, and obesity in small and large animals.

Booth 1721

AD Instruments

AD Instruments is a long time leader in the physiologic market. Since 2016, they have offered the capability of real-time analysis of physiologic signals acquired with DSI telemetry. LabChart is a proven tool for analysis of EEG and event-related potential (ERP).

Booth 2018

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Multi-Channel Systems & Triangle Biosystems

MCS and TBSI are worldwide established brands in the field of neurophysiological recording and stimulation both in vitro and in-vivo. Unveiling the central regulation of the cardiovascular system mechanisms is one of the key ways to identify new potential drug targets and understand pathologies. DSI is the leader for in vivo cardiovascular monitoring and collaborates with both companies to tackle these and other research questions.

Booths 2829 & 2813

PanLab & Colbourne Instruments

Panlab and Coulbourn Instruments are world renowned companies specializing in neuroscience research, providing a wide range of solutions to study behavior and physiology in small laboratory animals. Understanding the physiology of specific behavioral states is one of the most challenging tasks for neuroscientists. Thus, DSI collaborates with Panlab and Coulbourn to provide an all-around synchronized solution for relating physiology to behavior.

Booths 2829 & 2813

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Proudly Supporting Research


We value the opportunity to foster the next generation of scientists and provide opportunities for them to shine.  Every year, DSI partners with the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) to support undergraduate researchers at the Society for Neuroscience meeting.

FUN Travel Award

DSI sponsors a $750 travel award to give one young researcher the opportunity to attend SfN.  This allows them to present their research and network with contacts within the neuroscience community.  FUN reports “an amazing 68 percent of them [previous winners] have gone on to enter PhD or MD/PhD programs”.


FUN Equipment Loan Award

DSI also sponsors an equipment loan award providing one researcher a full DSI system for two years and appropriate training.  This program is a great opportunity for young researchers to complete experiments and boost their career.


Free DSI Whitepapers

Learn more about how our solutions serve various areas of research by downloading our free whitepapers! Find papers on:


Traumatic Brain Injury

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Respiratory Diseases






Recent Neuroscience Publications Citing DSI


Bornigera JC, Ungerleidera K, Zhang N, Karelina K, Magalang UJ, Weil ZM. (2018). “Repetitive Brain Injury of Juvenile Mice Impairs Environmental Enrichment-Induced Modulation of REM Sleep in Adulthood”. Neuroscience.


Yuskaitisa CJ, Jones BM, Wolfsond RL, Supera CE, Dhamne SC, Rotenberg A, Sabatini DM,Sahin M, Poduri A. (2018). “A mouse model of DEPDC5-related epilepsy: Neuronal loss of Depdc5 causes dysplastic and ectopic neurons, increased mTOR signaling, and seizure susceptibility”. Neurobiology of Disease.

Fink AM,  Bronas UG, Calik MW. (2018). “Autonomic regulation during sleep and wakefulness: a review with implications for defining the pathophysiology of neurological disorders”. Clinical Autonomic Research.


Lee KZ, Liao W. (2018). “Loss of CDKL5 disrupts respiratory function in mice”. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology.


Harman KA, States G, Wade A, Stepp C, Wainwright G, DeVeau K,  King N, Shum‐Siu A, Magnuson DSK. (2018). “Temporal analysis of cardiovascular control and function following incomplete T3 and T10 spinal cord injury in rodents”. Physiological Reports.


Mishra, V, Gautier, NM, Glasscock, E. (2018). Simultaneous Video-EEG-ECG Monitoring to Identify Neurocardiac Dysfunction in Mouse Models of Epilepsy. J. Vis. Exp. (131), e57300.