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From in vitro to in vivo, we've got you covered 

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DSI is proud to be a part of the Harvard Bioscience family, who have been providing life science solutions for over 100 years. Learn more about how we can help you expedite and drive reliable results in your next in vivo or in vitro study using the links below.  

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In vivo solutions trusted by Toxicologists around the world

In vitro solutions for high-throughput electrophysiology testing



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Highlighted Solutions


Cardiopulmonary Large Animal Telemetry
Take the stress out of your data with the L11R cardiopulmonary implant


Power on Detector

Confidently expedite your PhysioTel Digital study setup


Ponemah v5.50
Make better decisions with the latest tools optimized to accelerate your toxicology studies 


Inhalation Exposure
Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol

Precise, controlled exposure to all subjects


L11R, cardiopulmonary, cardiopulmonary implant, large animal telemetry




Ponemah software 


Target AIA in FinePointe 2.9
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  •  Monitor pressure, biopotential, temperature, respiratory volume, respiratory rate, and activity all in one subject
  • Social housing compatible with a wide range of enclosures
  • Automated configuration eliminates human errors and provides a fast study start-up
  • Encoded animal ID ensures traceability and GLP compliance

This convenient hand held device is easy to use and will display information such as:

  • Implant ID
  • Serial Number Implant Frequency
  • indicate that an implant has been successfully activated.

Ponemah allows researchers to get the best out of each and every study, though custom derived parameters, data cleaning, Data Insights ECG Analysis, and automated SEND output. 

Ponemah v5.50 enhancements include:

  • Centralized License Management
  • Waterfall Plot
  • Improved Protocol Auto Configuration
  • EDF Export for Sensor Data
  • Noldus MediaRecorder 5.0 support

The ability to measure respiratory endpoints during exposure, FinePointe puts exposure in your hands.

Set a target compound dosage amount and the software will regulate the system until all subjects have reached it.


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Case Studies

Visit our Case Studies resource page to learn how DSI solutions helped researchers execute and deliver successful studies.

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Learn more about how our solutions serve various areas of research by downloading our free whitepapers! Find papers on:

Cardiovascular Biomarkers


Traumatic Brain Injury

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Respiratory Diseases




Watch a variety of free, on-demand webinars presented by experts in their field.

 Highlighted Webinar: Combining Telemetry and Ultrasound for Serial Investigation of Cardiovascular Function in Rats

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Implantable & External Telemetry

DSI's implants and external telemetry are designed for acquiring data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals, providing stress-free data collection while enhancing animal welfare. Implantable telemetry and JET are offered in various sizes to support a range of research models, including mice, rats, dogs and non-human primates.

Large Animal Telemetry
Collect cardiovascular, respiratory, CNS, temperature, activity, and more with DSI's full suite of implantable telemetry for large animals

L11R, cardiopulmonary, cardiopulmonary implant, large animal telemetry

Glucose Telemetry
Take your diabetes research to the next level with continuous blood glucose telemetry for small and large animal models

Small Animal Cardiovascular
Collect ECG, single and dual pressure, and more in unrestrained rats 

Pressure and biopotential telemetry implant

Jacketed External Telemetry (JET)
Harness the power of continuous, real-time data, without the need for surgery

External Telemetry

Software Solutions

Unleash the power of your research with our sophisticated software platforms, trusted by toxicologists around the world to reliably and accurately acquire and analyze physiologic endpoints. Customize your GLP Ponemah environment to your study-specific needs with the addition of smart and powerful modules, like SEND formatting, video, remote connection, and more. 

Respiratory & Inhalation Solutions

See how DSI’s respiratory and inhalation solutions have been utilized this year in covid-19 research.  From precise, homogenous, digital, data-driven compound delivery, to gold standard pulmonary function assessment, DSI offers all-encompassing, turn-key systems.  

Inhalation Systems
Delivery absolute or relative doses of smoke, gases, vapor or compounds through nose only or whole body exposure. Monitor respiratory parameters with plethysmography chambers during dosing and after.

1 level_7 mouse_ pleth_plenum_neb_inflow_photometer

Accumulated Inhaled Aerosol (AIA)
By measuring the AIA of each exposed subject, in real-time, critical dose-response relationships can be created utilizing during-exposure respiratory endpoints, as well as post exposure analysis 

Target AIA in FinePointe 2.9
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Head-Out Plethysmography
Ideal for researchers interested longitudinal studies without the use of anesthesia.

head out plethysmography, respiratory, pleth


  Whole Body Plethysmography
 Measure respiratory function in animals without the use of anesthesia or restraint.

Halcyon WBP - Rat


RC System
Measure respiratory resistance and compliance in multiple animals at once for dynamic measurements in anesthetized models

4 Station RCv2

Hardwired Signals

Still turning knobs? Stop reminding everyone in the lab not to touch the amplifier and confidently collect the analog signals you need using Ponemah's ACQ-7700 digital signal conditioners for stable, accurate calibration and acquisition. Consistent, reliable data acquisition from tethered, acute, or in vitro studies routinely performed in discovery, pharmacology and toxicology laboratories.

Cardiac Electrophysiology


Respiratory Signals 

Central Nervous System

Isolated Organs

General Purpose Hardwired System

Scientific Services

Save Time and Money with 
DSI Surgical and Pre-implantable Services


Experience higher surgical success rates with our flexible menu of surgical options to help you meet your research goals. We can accommodate training and services at your site or ours. Our comprehensive pre-implanted program offers accredited facilities, on-staff veterinarians, and experienced DSI surgeons to deliver healthy, telemetered animals for your research.


DSI understands the difficulties you may encounter in GLP Validation and our team is here to help you validate with confidence, speed, and consistency. We can provide master plan templates and test scripts, custom services and consultations, training and certification, and even on-site full service validation packages to help you manage the entire validation process and set you up for success.  

Reach Conclusions Sooner using DSI Data Services

Laptop, Woman, Education, Study, Young, Computer

Managing large amounts of physiologic data can be time consuming and overwhelming. We are ready to help you simplify this process with an experienced team. No matter how complex your research is, we have the tools and expertise to help you successfully reach conclusions. 

Single and Multiwell MEA Systems

Multiwell systems can be used with neurons or cardiomyocytes both primary, or more recently, from derived stem cells for high throughput to investigate toxicological effects or subtle changes in neuronal activity or cardiac beating behavior. Multi Channel Systems' MEA systems record extracellular field potential noninvasively and with high spatial resolution, with the ability to perform long term studies.

Single Microelectrode Array Systems

Single Microelectrode Array (MEA) systems are used in the last steps right before animal experiments, using cells, tissue cultures, or more often with acute slices to investigate drug effects on, for example, synaptic plasticity.

Multiwell Systems

Multiwell systems are used with neurons or cardiomyocytes both primary, or more recently, from derived stem cells for high throughput to investigate toxicological effects or subtle changes in neuronal activity or cardiac beating behavior. Coupled with MEA Xpress our automated liquid handling platform you will have your experiments pipetted promptly and exactly. 




Patch Clamp Rigs and Automation

Let us customize your perfect patch clamp rig! Whether manual, automated or both, Smart Ephys can recommend a package tailored to your research needs, making your experiments more efficient.

Or automate your manual patch clamp setup by using PatchServer! The pipette-based automated patch clamp system combines advantages from the automatic and manual patch clamp approach and can establish whole-cell recording or excised patch configurations.


Patch Clamp, HEKA


Automated TEVC

Realize sequential two-electrode voltage clamp (TEVC) recording in oocytes, small or standard compound volumes, for crisp data and easy analysis with Roboocyte and HiClamp.

Our robots are designed for ease of use at every knowledge level in scientific research.



Learn more about Roboocyte and HiClamp Systems