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HD-XG Glucose Telemetry Implant


Glucose Analysis Module and Calibration Interface

The Glucose (GLU) Analysis Module computes module analyzes the blood glucose signal obtained from the HD-XG implant.  The analysis calculates the common parameters that are associated with glucose after the signal has been calibrated.

The graph above represents a Glucose Tolerance Test, used by the software to perform an initial Multi-point calibration. Also displayed on the signal are the calibration reference values associated with this test. The Glucose Calibration dialog is used during Acquisition and Review to enter Glucose Calibration Reference values obtained by your Glucose Reference measurement device during Multi- and Single-point calibrations. An example Glucose Calibration dialog can be seen below (click to enlarge).

Glucose Calibration Dialog

The list below describes the parameters calculated by the analysis module either in real-time or during subsequent analysis.

Model PNM-GLU100W

Average of nA samples over a cycle.

Maximum of nA samples over a cycle.


Minimum of nA samples over a cycle.


Average of Glucose samples over a cycle.


Maximum of Glucose samples over a cycle.

Minimum of Glucose samples over a cycle.
The number of samples used in reporting nAxxx and Gxxx derived parameters

The time based calibration reference point value.

Example Glucose Calibration Dialog. Click to enlarge image.