DSI no longer sells this product. The information below is intended to help customers who continue to use this product.


7700 Series Isolated/Defibrillation Protected ECG and General Purpose Probes


  • 3 Lead connection with an array of electrodes
  • Provides galvanic isolation to the signal conditioner
  • Protects signal conditioner from defibrillator discharges
  • Built-in “Zero” and “Cal” buttons for ease in calibrating channel

The Isolated Defibrillation Protected ECG and General Purpose Probes (13-7758-IDP and 13-7759-IDP) are designed to conduct pre-clinical studies and investigation (clinical research) of physiological processes.  The probes are suitable for intra cardiac, surface electrodes, Action Potential measurements or other applications where isolation is needed.  Additionally, built-in Zero and Cal buttons provide for a simple, accurate calibration process.  The probes interface  specifically to the 7700 Series Universal Signal Conditioner, model 13-7715-58 and Universal XE model 13-7715-59.

Technical Data Sheet
Model 13-7758-IDP and 13-7759-IDP
Isolated/Defibrillation Protected Probes


Electrical Specifications
Gain                                                   x10
Maximum Output Range                    ±1VDC
Input Leads                                        RA, LA, RL (+, -, REF)
Dynamic Range                                  ±100mV
Maximum input DC offset                   ±300mV
Input Impedance                                 50MΩ @ 10Hz when using fully shielded cable (ConMed FSR 397 with patient                                  cable and lead wires).
CMRR                                                 -90dB @ 60Hz with 51kΩ, 0.047uF source imbalance
Input Risk Current                               < 10μA @ 265V RMS 60Hz, sink all leads to ground
Defibrillator Protection                        360Joules delivered at 5000Volts
Isolation                                              1500V RMS for 1 minute, isolated circuits to chassis
Noise                                                   <30μV p/p @ 1kHz
Bandwidth                                             0.05 to 3.5kHz

Physical Specifications
Height                                                   1.2 inches
Width                                                     3.2 inches
Length                                                   5.9 inches
Weight                                                   0.5 pounds

Environmental Specifications
Operating                                              0 to 40° C  
Storage                                                  20 to 70° C

Humidity RH, non-condensing
Operating                                              10% to 95%
Storage                                                  5% to 95%
Cooling                                                  Convection only
Altitude                                                  2000 meters maximum


Part Number        Description

13-7759-IDP             Iso/Defib Protected ECG Probe
13-7715-59               ACQ-7700 Universal XE Signal Conditioner

P02141                   ECG Cable Kit (Contains the following 5       
P02143-2               Grabber Lead Wire, set of 3
P02143-3               Banana Lead Wire, set of 3
P02143-4               Banana to CLIP Adapter, 3 each
P02143-5               0.80 Receptacle Lead Wire, set of 3
P02141-1               15 Pin HD M/F 2.5ft cable
P02173-3               3 lead input cable
P02143-4               Banana CLIP Adapter 3 each
P02143-5               0.80 Receptacle lead wire set of 3

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